IBM PS/1 - Printer, Sound, CD Rom, Internet, . . . Does Not Work

Discussion in 'IBM' started by Jose' C., Aug 3, 2003.

  1. Jose' C.

    Jose' C. Guest


    I attempted to post this message about two months ago. I feel I did
    something wrong and the message did not post as I have not been able
    to find it. If the message did post I apoligize for this post.

    I have an IBM/PS1 model # 2155-78C(SL-B). It has 32 MB memory, two
    hard drives 253 MB (the original) and the other hard drive 2,555 MB.
    It has a 486SX2 chip, 50 MHz clock speed, 1,024 KB of video memory,
    56K modem, Windows 3.11, and MS DOS 6.22. As you can tell I have
    upgraded it from its original configuration.

    I selected [use 32-Bit Disk Access] checkbox. I entered control +
    alternate + delete to restart Windows. My problems then began. The
    computer froze. I was not able to load Windows. I could only load DOS.
    After some effort I was able to get into Windows and I unselected [use
    32-Bit Disk Access] checkbox. My computer had plenty of problems . . .
    very few fonts, and colors (only had gray scale), certain programs
    (database, spreadsheet, games, etc.) would not start, date and time
    would not work, IBM's Configuration Utility screen would not work, and
    so on.

    I have been able to fix a lot of the problems but some big ones
    remain. The computer freezes when accessing the Internet (I have AOL),
    the printer does not work (HP DeskJet 540), there is no sound,the CD
    ROM does not work, and my spreadsheet program (Quatro Pro)does not
    load. Everything worked fine before my "D" day. I have attempted to
    reinstall the HP printer driver, sound driver, and AOL. Nothing works.

    What is my next move?


    José C.
    Jose' C., Aug 3, 2003
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  2. Jose' C.

    Bob Shuman Guest

    Check to see if you have a conflict in the interrupts. I am assuming your
    AOL connection is through a modem. The modem and sound are interrupt driven
    and their IRQs could be conflicting with something else.
    Bob Shuman, Aug 4, 2003
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