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Ibm T20 and t22 will not post no display not even with external monitor

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by james.massitti, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. I have T20 and a T22 ... I have searched IBM's web site for
    trouble-shooting tips or common faults to no avail.

    Here is the issue. T20 and my t22 powers up but does not post. The
    power light stays on and the led on DVD player turns on when the eject
    button is pressed (and the drive tray opens). The hard drive spins up.
    there is no sounds, nor display.

    When the T20 or the T22 is connected to an external monitor there is
    no display of any
    type. I have toggled Fn F7 with no result.

    I changed the cmos battery, I took out the memory chip and reinstalled
    it ( in case it was loose) any other ideas on what could be wrong,
    (besides replacing the mother board?) or how to find out the issue?

    Please help.

    james.massitti, Jul 15, 2006
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