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IBM T20 same as 600X? has upgradeable CPU?

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by P Vault, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. P Vault

    P Vault Guest

    Is the T20 the next iteration of the 600X?

    if yes, is it substantially identical in terms of design and build quality,
    quality of materials, etc?

    Also, which version of the T20 has an upgradeable CPU and just how far can
    it be upgraded?

    Finally, do you think the upgrade, whatever it is, is worth it in terms of
    performance, etc.

    P Vault, Nov 5, 2003
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  2. P Vault

    JHEM Guest

    Yes, the T series was the replacement for the venerable 600X. Many, like me,
    consider the 600X to be the better machine.
    Slightly lesser build quality on the T series IMHO and the keyboard is not
    up to the high standard set be the 600 series.
    All of the T series machines are upgradable to one extent or another. On the
    T20, T21, T22 and T23 the CPU is in a ZIF socket and easily upgraded.

    The specific upgrade path and limit is model dependent, but in general the
    T20 to T22 machines can be upgraded to a PIII 1GHz and the T23 to a PIII-M
    1.2GHz, IIRC.
    Usually easier to buy a newer machine.



    PS: How are you involved with PVault? My last name should be familiar if you
    follow the Elite level vaulters. Email me if you want to keep the reply
    JHEM, Nov 5, 2003
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  3. P Vault

    P Vault Guest


    sorry to disappoint, but it's just a name i've been using on the newsgroups.
    you've also kindly replied to me via a number of other names including, but
    not limited to, antennaball, devo, pier rodelon, etc. you were very helpful
    about the 600X, of which I had 3, and was trying to upgrade with chip and
    cd-rw and mem etc.

    in fact, you're always helpful. mark this note a special thanks for that.

    i've sold all my 600X's and bought and returned an R40 (and many more), and
    am going back on eBay to get another older Thinkpad. Perhaps a 600X but was
    hoping the early T-series machines were identical so as to get a little more


    P Vault, Nov 5, 2003
  4. P Vault

    P Vault Guest

    About TP 600X --

    are the 650 MHz models substantially (proportionally) quicker that the 500
    or 400 MHz models? i've seen some 450 MHz models that say they can be
    upgraded to 850MHz -- how hard is it to replace the CPU on these units?

    the difficulty is, of course, that the keyboard in particular on the 600X is
    splendid, and the build generally seems great, but the speed limitation is a
    little annoying (i do a fair amt of web work, some image editing).

    P Vault, Nov 5, 2003
  5. P Vault

    JHEM Guest

    The 650MHz models are proportionately quicker than the 450MHz or 500MHz
    units as you noted, but beware that _only_ the 650MHz units can be upgraded
    to a PIII 850MHz CPU as these are the only Speedstep enabled models.

    The CPU upgrade is a slamdunk, quite simply the easiest Thinkpad to upgrade.
    Take off the keyboard, remove the fan from the processor, pop out the old
    MMC2 module and pop in the new.
    I used my PIII 850MHz 600X for years for rendering in AutoCAD. Memory was
    always more of a factor in performance IMHO, and once I maxed it out at
    576MB, the unit sang.

    It's _still_ my favorite go-to machine when I'm headed for the airport.


    JHEM, Nov 6, 2003
  6. P Vault

    P Vault Guest

    ok, will stick with 650 MHz units. However, note this:

    also, what is 2nd best in terms of keyboard, feel, etc. T23 or T21? or
    P Vault, Nov 6, 2003
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