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IBM T21 screen flicker problem

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by long-time lurker, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. I recently purchased a used T21. When it is plugged in to the AC
    adapter the screen flickers and varies in brightness (regardless of
    whether the battery is in the machine nor not). However, there are no
    screen problems when it is only powered by the battery. I have tried
    different power settings, but nothing changes the problem. Anybody
    else with similar experiences? (I have searched Google and have
    discovered many people with similar problems, but not identical to
    mine.) Could this be a problem with the inverter? Or the power

    And yes, I am using the latest drivers, BIOS etc.

    Thanks in advance.
    long-time lurker, Sep 7, 2004
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  2. long-time lurker

    Quaoar Guest

    It is likely the inverter which has some type of component failing at
    the high display brightness and high power to the inverter you have set
    for AC power. On battery, the screen is dimmed and the power level is
    reduced. Try reducing the screen brightness on AC power and see if the
    problem disappears.

    If it is the power adapter, you can remove the battery, boot with AC
    power. If the laptop goes instantly dead at some point, that points to
    the AC adapter plug, likely on the mainboard, but it could be a simple
    defective or dirty plug. Try also moving the adapter cable holding the
    laptop plug fixed to reveal a line break/short.

    Quaoar, Sep 7, 2004
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