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IBM T40 and sales on IBM site

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by North110, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. North110

    North110 Guest

    I'm close to deciding on a T40 or T41 thanks to strong reviews and the fact
    that it's the only keyboard that I really like. I plan on using it for pretty
    basic functions (a lot of word processing, Internet, e-mail, DVD viewing . . .
    no gaming or real graphics use). I do plan to be traveling with it quite a bit,
    so battery life is important as well.

    I would, however, like to control the price as best possible. Does a
    configuration such as 1.4 GHz, 40 GM, and 256 MB Ram seem sufficient - or will
    I regret not investing in greater speed and memory?

    Also - I've noticed a lot of old messages that mention nice deals and discounts
    on the IBM site (20% off for first-time buyers; 10% off in general; memory
    upgrades; lots of extras included) and all I'm finding now is a pretty basic
    printer as a bonus (something I don't really need). How often do offers change?
    I'm not in a huge rush, but sonner would be better than later. Is it worth
    waiting for a 10 or 20% deal to come along? Or are they pretty rare?

    North110, Jan 8, 2004
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  2. For what you are doing a 1.3Ghz would be more than enough. I have a T40
    1.3GHz/256MB/40GB harddrive, and I'm often amazed at how fast the processor
    is at running programs, booting up (~1'40" w/ norton) and using photoshop.

    However, though 256MB is o.k., and I do get buy easily with it, it's quite
    easy to start disk-swapping (v-memory) when you start stretching the
    computer (e.g. Word, 3 IE windows, Media player, adobe acrobat (this one's
    really bad for memory!) So get 512MB if you can. Or upgrade with an extra
    512MB to get 768MB - even better.

    The good thing about the T40 is that you can always upgrade to 2GB memory
    later when you need it. Unlike, say, a powerbook.

    I don't live in the states, so these offers seem quite foreign. I bought my
    laptop as part of a 'think express' program - and I'm extremely pleased with

    Duncan James Murray, Jan 12, 2004
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