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IBM T40/T41 difference? And: IBM's dead pixel policy?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Florian Kirstein, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I'm short before buying a Thinkpad, T40 or T41, my current choices are a
    T40 TC122GE and a T41 TC12FGE, so XGA 1.3/1.4 GHz Centrino, 256 MB, 40GB
    Harddrive. The T41 is about $200 more expensive but has Gigabit
    Ethernet and Bluetooth onboard, is there /anything/ besides the
    price that would be a point for the T40? Longer Battery runtime due to 0.1
    GHz lower speed? I'll be running Linux on it, so the Hard-Disk-Protection
    of the T41 might not work anyway as far as I understand it? Is the T41 the
    newer series and will replace the T40 on the long run, or will they
    run in paralell? All Chipsets (IDE/PCI/USB/...) should be exactly the
    same as far as I understand it so there shouldn't new problems with
    Linux for the T41 I hope?

    Second question: I could get the T40 directly in many shops, the T41 has
    to be ordered. How is IBM's policy on dead/hot pixels in the display,
    or isn't that an issue anymore on modern Notebooks? I'd prefer not to have
    any, are thet considered a defect for IBM warranty?

    Thanx & :)ul8er, [email protected]
    Florian Kirstein, Dec 7, 2003
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  2. Florian Kirstein

    John Harlow Guest

    Second question: I could get the T40 directly in many shops, the T41 has
    I just received a t41p; it has 1 blue pixel stuck on. It's about 10% of the
    way down from the top (not a 'central' area) - only noticeable on a totally
    black startup screen, and not at all noticeable during normal usage. I'm
    not concerned about it.

    I have not seen their stuck pixel policy, but you can return it within 30
    days no questions asked if you buy it online (as I did). Make sure you use
    the EPP program for a great discount if you do buy direct.

    So far I am very satisfied with the machine. It is very quiet, long battery
    life, has a crisp display and feels rock solid (it had better for the money!
    :-D )

    Sorry; don't know your other question!
    John Harlow, Dec 7, 2003
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  3. Hi Florian,

    I think I am right in thinking that the T40 and T41 are very similar
    machines - but I can't say that I've actually been able to compare the two
    (I have the T40). I would guess that the shell and most of the components
    would be identical. Then there's the hard-drive protection which doesn't
    come with the T40, Gigabit ethernet, as you mentioned. However, you would
    have thought that they would have tweaked the computer in other ways - Like
    it comes with rapid restore ultra, - and little changes like that might make
    it a better machine. On the other hand, I doubt it's changed very much,
    because the T40 is such a great machine anyway!

    IBM's policy on the pixels are a certain limit depending on the number of
    pixels on the screen - I think it is several for the 1400 screen, and just a
    few for the 1024 screen, for which you can send it back. However, I would
    have thought you could send it back straight away if you're not happy with
    the laptop even if they're no pixels...

    Can't anwser your questions on Linux - sorry.

    But I can say that the T40 is a gorgeous machine and I think my one is

    Duncan James Murray, Dec 8, 2003
  4. Florian Kirstein

    Jim Guest

    Hello Florian;

    Pixel policy on 14.1" screen is 9 pixels in combination on,off, etc, I
    just found it on their site. That seems high and would certainly be
    noticable. IBM must be using seconds on the displays, as our Sonys
    have no bad pixels, even the cheapest models. I have a T41 on order
    and am now worried. Anyone else get stuck pixels? I read here you
    have 30 days to return the thing no questions asked, is that correct?

    Looking at the software download section it appears that mostly the
    T41 uses same software that T40 uses except for the different features
    not on the T40. In the T41/p column of the listings is a left
    pointing arrow pointing to the T40 drivers. You can visit their
    Support-Downloads section and get a lot of information to help you
    make your decision. It appears a lot of the drivers have been
    updated within the last 3 weeks to accomodate the T41/p.

    Jim, Dec 8, 2003
  5. Florian Kirstein

    Spike Dad Guest

    Many T40 models have Gigabit ethernet and Bluetooth. You should browse
    the IBM Thinkpad website to see the different models. I see no reason
    why the HD parking system would not work under Linux since it's built in
    to the BIOS and not part of the OS.

    There are several different moby/chipset configurations depending on
    Ethernet and video display. If you want to run Linux, I would consult
    with the Linux on Laptop website to see which models have already been
    confirmed as able to run Linux.
    The IBM policy on pixel defects is here:

    It takes a lot of pixel defects for IBM to consider the display
    defective. In my own experience managing about 50 laptops (600e, T20,
    T23, T30, T40p in various combinations) I have yet to receive a laptop
    with even 1 pixel defect.

    You can get good pricing on the IBM website so I would just get the
    model you want.
    Spike Dad, Dec 8, 2003
  6. Florian Kirstein

    qy Guest

    Other than the others have said, T41 uses PC2700 DDR vs T40's PC2100 DDR.
    qy, Dec 8, 2003
  7. Hi,

    OK, thanks for all comments, I went for the T41 and already have it
    in my hands :) It has no dead/hot pixels as far as I can tell :>>

    The only negative thing I can say so far is that I possibly should
    have gone for a higher display res., not because I need the space,
    but because my eyese obviously are too good, I see the subpixels
    on the display when I'm close to it which is noticeable especially
    on some Linux-X-fonts, I'm used to my blurred CRT, so I'll have to get
    used to this TFT effects. The Keyboard is great, the trackpoint/touchpad
    combination also seems to be OK, so now I'll have to go for the
    linux tweaking to get all the APM and centrino cpu-freq stuff to
    work I guess :)

    :)ul8er, [email protected]
    Florian Kirstein, Dec 11, 2003
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