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IBM T41 notebook CD/DVD combo drive - MS software distribution disc

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by George McCabe, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. Hello,

    I purchased an IBM T41 notebook computer and a copy of MS Office Pro
    separately. The T41 comes standard with a slim profile (Ultrabay)
    CD/DVD combo drive. I encountered a problem during installation of MS
    Office. The CD scrapes on the inside of the drive enclosure. The
    contact is severe enough that the drive can't spin up to operating
    speed. As a result, it is not possible to install the MS software
    distribution from the notebook combo drive. The disc physically meets
    the metal of the enclosure at the top-left corner (looking into the
    Ultrabay). Other discs do spin freely in the drive.

    Compare the following dimensions:
    MS disc diameter 4.725", thickness 0.045" - does NOT work
    Maxell CD-RW diam. 4.715", thickness 0.0475" - does work

    The diameter of the MS disc is larger. It contacts the drive enclosure
    where metal is bent to join/overlap top to left side. Not knowing the
    commercial standards for disc dimensions, it is not possible to
    conclude if this is a design error, or manufacturing error on the part
    of IBM (drive) or MS (disc). IBM got the customer service call and
    answered my complaint by sending another drive. If it works, I won't
    care what the cause is, and IBM wins customer service points. Still,
    it's not very reassuring that two such companies cannot properly
    manage standards and manufacturing for these widely sold products.

    George McCabe,
    George McCabe, Apr 23, 2004
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