IC7: cheers, jeers and questions

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Skid, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Skid

    Skid Guest

    First the good
    P4 2.4C, week 22 Malay, @ 270x12=3.24ghz with stock cooler at default
    voltage. System temp 32C, CPU idles 47C, max 65C+ at full tilt boogie under
    stress testing. (IC7 notorious for reporting 10C high, so as long as it's
    stable I'm not too concerned.)

    2x256 Buffalo Tech PC3700 (Winbond BH-5) running 5:4, 2.5,3,3,7 (SPD) @
    DDR433/216fsb, 2.8 volts.

    System is rock stable in Memtest and Prime95. Sandra benches mostly where
    they should be, buffered mem 5600+.

    Flashed to latest bios and all up-to-date drivers on a fully patched version
    of Win XP Home.

    Quite happy with the performance, but a few niggling problems with the

    1.) No sound from the right channel using onboard sound. Tripled-checked
    cables and jumpers. No sound from the right in speakers or headphones. (Only
    have two speakers and sub.) Switching drivers doesn't help.

    2.) I can run this ram at and it seems to run error-free in test,
    but sometimes I get a spontaneous reboot.
    Changing any of the GAT settings or ram timings from Auto causes the system
    to crap
    out. The manual doesn't offer a clue as to what they do anyway. Should I
    care? Is there a site with a better explanation of where they should be set?
    3.) Sandra drive scores a bit below par for my 7200-rpm
    ATA100 drives, an 80-meg W-D with 8-meg cache and a 15-gig IBM with 2-meg
    cache. Running master/slave on Intel IDE with latest drivers. (DVD burner
    and CD master/slave on the other channel. No SATA yet, disabled in bios.
    Device manager shows both drives UDMA5.

    Everything else in the box tops all the reference systems in the Sandra
    database. Drive speed is a few hundred points below defaults. I'll be
    loading HDTach later to see how they stack up there. Not sure where to go
    from here to get the speed where it belongs.

    This system is less than 48 hours old and has already met my overclocking
    expectations. That doesn't mean I won't push it harder once I know what I'm

    I'm not inclined to bump the cpu much more without investing in a better
    cooler. I would like to tweak the bios for the best stable performance.

    Any advice from the pros?
    Skid, Sep 4, 2003
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