iChat : insufficient badnwidth - connecting 2 machines on same router

Discussion in 'Apple' started by raggio, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. raggio

    raggio Guest

    Is this error basically used whenever 2 clients can't connect? I read
    elsewhere that it often has nothing to do with actual bandwidth.
    Should I be able to connect 2 machines for video chat if they are both
    behind the same home router? Would opening ports or UPnP ake a
    difference? It would seem that if I have 2 machines on the same home
    router that I might not be able to do video chat between them. If not,
    how can I test then? Perhaps I need to put one of them in the dmz?

    raggio, Feb 8, 2006
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  2. raggio

    Bob Harris Guest

    Are you connecting via Bonjour, or trying to connect via .Mac or
    AOL AIM account?

    If Bonjour, it should work fine. If via .Mac or AIM, then the
    problem is that because both clients are sending requests to a
    server on the internet, they both look like they have the same IP
    address (the one assigned to your router), and it becomes
    difficult for one to make a direct connection to the other via
    your common IP address.

    If you are not seeing each Mac in iChat via Bonjour, then either
    you do not have it enabled in iChat, or you have multiple
    cascading routers in your home (for example, Cable/DSL Router
    talking to your broadband connection and another WiFi base station
    router, with one Mac connected to the Cable/DSL Router and the
    other connected to the WiFi base station; if this is the case,
    then disable routing features in the WiFi base station).

    Bob Harris
    Bob Harris, Feb 8, 2006
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  3. raggio

    raggio Guest

    I am uing aim. One machine is actually a windows laptop. I am able to
    connect to a friend's mac using the laptop. I am not able to connect
    to my own mac. I think it has to do with the friewall UnPP not being
    able to forward ports to more than one machine behind my router, but
    it's possible I don't understand routers as well as I think.

    In short i want to make sure that my windows laptop will be able to
    chat with the mac when I travel so I can do some video chat with the

    To complicate matters I don't yet have a camera for the mac. I ordered
    a USB camera and plan on using ichatsusb to make it work with iChat.
    My wife simply woudln't go for the $150 iSight. ;-(

    raggio, Feb 9, 2006
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