IDE Drivers will not allow UDMA for hard drives P4P800E-Deluxe

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Pete D, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Pete D

    Pete D Guest

    I have tried a number of different drivers and still no good. DVD and CD
    drives run in PIO mode only. Some of the drives are also in PIO mode.
    Everything else seems to be okay.

    Windows 2000 Pro, 512Mb memory, P4 2.8C

    Any ideas?
    Pete D, Jun 14, 2004
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  2. Pete D

    Paul Guest

    "Onboard IDE Operate Mode" [Enhanced]
    "IDE Port Settings" [S-ATA]

    When operating in Enhanced mode (where all six possible
    drives are mapped as PCI bus devices in hardware), the
    only valid setting is [S-ATA]. The other settings cause
    the hardware to slow down.

    If you use the [Compatible] setting, then all
    three possible port settings are valid choices,
    as in that case, the port settings are selecting
    four of six drives for use.

    Paul, Jun 14, 2004
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  3. Pete D

    James Bald Guest

    SO FUNNY :)

    I had the exact same problem as yourself until I fixed it this morning.
    The idea is that I'm new to Win2k, and under Win2k the settings to enable DMA
    for some drives like my SONY DDU1621 is not along with the divice itself but instead:
    Get to ControlPanel -> System ->HardwareManager -> IDE ATA/ATAPI controlers ->
    -> (primary or secondary) IDE channel check the one on which you have your DvD installed.

    Now ->Advanced Settings.
    Notice you'll see Transfer mode:... Probably set to PIO.
    Make it "DMA if available" and let the system restart.

    Now make damn sure the BIOS is also recognizing your ATA DvD for UDMA2 most usually.
    BINGO... All stutters gone, my SONY DvD 16x now is working within specs at 9MB/s.
    Real life tests proved it, 8630KB/s DvD 1Meg VOB copy under 2mins.

    You can verify that the other IDE are also DMA enabled in the same reguard.

    The UGLY PIO mode is to be avoided at ALL COSTS.. It causes wild degradation of
    overall system storage I/O and even affects the onboard sound device, with stutters.

    I'm sure this should help,
    Welcome to the club.
    :D... I'm about to post a great success story details with a similar system at 2.8C at 3Ghz,
    factory voltage, FSB 881Mhz, PAT enabled;
    Even SANDRA is horny at these benchmarks :)
    James Bald, Jun 15, 2004
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