Identify USB pins on MX64

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by Tom Young, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Tom Young

    Tom Young Guest

    Hi all:

    I've got a motherboard out of an ACER computer that I've identified as
    a MX64. I just transfered the motherboard to a "cheapie" case that
    has front USB ports, but I can't determine how to hook the ports to
    the USB2 pins on the board.

    The ribbon to the front USB ports on the case are as follows:

    "Gnd 1", "Gnd2", both black
    "-D1","-D2", both white
    "VCC1", "VCC2", both red
    "+D1", "+D2", both green

    The motherboard has a "USB2" pin layout as follows:

    Pin 10 * * Pin 9
    Blank Blank
    Pin * * Pin
    Pin * * Pin
    Pin * * Pin
    Pin 2 * * Pin 1

    The manual for this motherboard identifies the "USB2" port on the
    motherboard but doesn't identify individual pins.

    Can anybody help me here?


    Tom Young
    Tom Young, Sep 3, 2003
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  2. Tom Young

    Tom Young Guest

    I realized that my diagram above of the pin layout was wrong in that I
    inserted an extra set of pins. The pin layout SHOULD look like:

    Pin 10 * * Pin 9
    Blank Blank
    Pin * * Pin
    Pin * * Pin
    Pin 2 * * Pin 1

    With that out of the way:

    If you look at page 2-2, which shows the locations of the jumpers and
    connectors on the system board, you'll see the second USB connector -
    labeled "USB2" - right below the built-in USB ports. The Acer
    computer I took this board out of had a second pair of rear-mounted
    USB ports which used this connector.

    Yes, I'm very certain this is an MX64, or at least a clone made by
    AOpen for ACER. If you rotate page 2-2 counter clockwise twice and
    then compare the board layout to the ACER "Jumpers and Connectors -
    6400 Series" at

    you'll see the layout is exactly the same.

    Identifying the pin numbers isn't the problem, it's identifying which
    pins are +Data, -Data, Ground and +5V as the manual has no other
    reference to this connector beyond it's mention on 2-2.

    Looking at the manuals for other AOpen motherboards based on the VIA
    694X chipset I'm guessing the pin out for this connector is as

    10 9
    +5V * * +5V
    Blank Blank
    Gnd * * Gnd
    +D3 * * +D2
    -D3 * * -D2
    2 1

    though I'd sure like some confirmation before I start plugging things

    Tom Young, Sep 3, 2003
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