iDVD and the dreaded -34506 error

Discussion in 'Apple' started by bloomite, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. bloomite

    bloomite Guest

    I've been getting the vague -34506 error when using iDVD 5.0.1. I'm
    using OS 10.4.2 on a dual processor G5 @ 2 gigahertz w/1.5 gig of RAM,
    and 20 gig free on the hard drive.

    A client of mine created 32 slide shows with audio voice over in iMovie.

    I export all those from iMovie as 32 uncompressed DV movies.
    I use Quicktime to group them into groups of 6, so I copy and paste the
    contents of the first 6 movies into one movie and save it as a reference
    movie. And do the same for the rest of the 32 clips, so I have 6
    reference movies that drop into the main iDVD page.

    So when I go to save it as a disk image it compresses the assets for
    about 90 minutes, then I get the error message -34506 and it reports
    problems occurred during the writing of the disk.

    I can successfully write the first 5 reference clips with no error,
    which is basically movies 1-28. Then if I drag and drop movies 29 and
    30 into a folder off the main page it will write successfully. But when
    I add clip 31 it gives the error message.

    The overall time for all the clips is about 83 minutes 30 seconds so it
    is under 90 minutes.

    The time for when things write successfully (essentially 1-30) is about
    77 minutes. But adding anything after that is where it errors.

    I have written section 6 (chapters 28-32) to its own disk image
    successfully so it looks like the DV clips are fine.

    Is 77 minutes some sort of magic number? I've been pulling my hair out
    on this, as it takes hours to get any results.

    I've tried different themes, stopped any Motion and Audio from playing
    on the main menu, ran Disk Warrior, cleared the caches with Tiger Cache
    Cleaner, zapped the pram, ran Disk Utility to fix permissions. and
    pulled more hair out.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

    thank you
    bloomite, Aug 14, 2005
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  2. bloomite

    bloomite Guest

    Never mind, I switched to DVD Studio Pro and no more problems.
    bloomite, Aug 16, 2005
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