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If you are planning to relocate to India this is for you.......

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Ruch, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Ruch

    Ruch Guest


    I am Ruchi with Intelliswift. We are premier recruiters based in Bay
    Area with office in India. Our clients include Ebay, HP, Gap, Google,
    WellsFargo, Microsoft etc...... For more information about us visit

    As you must know, the IT industry in India is experiencing tremendous
    growth. All our US based clients need senior IT professionals with
    some US experience to lead their teams in India. If you have been
    thinking about relocating to India to experience some of that magic
    that was part of Silicon Valley a decade ago, this might just be it!

    Microsoft India is currently looking for candidates for their
    International Development Center (IDC) in Hyderabad. If selected you
    will have a direct impact on Microsoft's world-class developer tools
    that enable millions of developers to design, develop and test .NET
    applications. You will be part of the IDC Developer Tools Group, which
    builds software lifecycle tools.

    Microsoft is organizing a recruiting event in the first week of May in
    the Bay Area to introduce the project to shoplifted candidates. After
    the introduction, there will be a few rounds of interviews and offers
    will be made. Here are a few reasons why you should apply for this
    position if you are thinking about relocating to India in 2007.
    Microsoft is one of the best pay masters, here and in India.
    · You will be leading a team that will create some very cool tools.
    · Millions of developers will use those tools - where else can you
    release your product to such a huge audience?
    · Hyderabad is the place to be.
    · Microsoft has an awesome relocation package.
    So here are some of the positions. Please send me your resume ASAP.

    Looking for an exceptionally strong architect, experienced and
    passionate about designing and building high quality tools for
    enterprise software development. Qualifications include a proven track
    record of designing and delivering commercially successful application
    lifecycle tools, a passion for building products that deliver real
    customer value, and deep technical problem solving skills. Nice to
    have experience in developing, compiler and test tools.

    Program Manager
    The position involves gathering requirements, meeting with customers,
    and some level of designing, and writing specifications, requiring a
    strong aptitude for translating user requirements into simple,
    graceful solutions. The position requires knowledge of product
    development process and previous hands on technical experience.

    Lead Software Design Engineer in test team:
    Looking for a Leader to define product quality, engineer excellent
    solutions to automate and manual test products. A minimum of three
    years of testing experience in the field of developer tools is must

    Software Design Engineer in test team:
    Minimum of three years of testing experience. The job includes design,
    testing and delivery of key aspect of new test tool.

    Software Design Engineer
    Minimum of three years of development experience. The job includes
    design, testing and delivery of key aspect of new test tool.

    Lead Software Design Engineer
    The job includes design, development and delivery. A minimum of three
    years of development Lead experience.

    Thanks & Regards

    Ruchi Shah
    Intelliswift Software Inc.
    510.943.5057 | | www.intelliswift.com
    Ruch, Apr 7, 2007
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  2. Ruch

    larwe Guest

    Who exactly - except for Indian expatriates - is relocating to India?
    Laughable bullshit. Anyone who replied to your spam would be sucked
    into the hive and become merely another of the thousands of worker
    bees churning out gigabytes of - at best - mediocre code. Or maybe
    they would become technical support workers running a callused finger
    down a flowchart to find out exactly which ineffective answer to give
    a caller.

    You remind me that I haven't yet replied to the regular monthly "I
    thought you'd be interested in working for Microsoft" email in my
    larwe, Apr 7, 2007
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  3. Ruch

    Pete Fenelon Guest

    I think you mean "shortlisted", but this made me laugh nearly as much as
    the rest of the posting.
    I doubt it. It's microsoft.
    Yes, and they'll curse your name forever.
    This is an embedded systems newsgroup. Piss off, spammer.

    Pete Fenelon, Apr 7, 2007
  4. I was planning to open a 7-11 there.

    John Mianowski, Apr 8, 2007
  5. Ruch

    Ajai Jose Guest

    Others are also welcome we(indians) are not the discriminating types.
    India is a democracy and all have equal rights unlike other pseudo
    Its better than being Un-Employed and claiming benefits from the
    government for being un employed.

    by Mediocre code you mean your people are born with Computers and they
    spew superior code @ the drop of a hat ?
    How do you explain so many NASA debacles ?
    Please give proof of ur superiority complex will ya ?

    Or maybe
    Really thats what is the idea you have of Call Centers ? you ought
    to know better.
    Electronics Engineers take this call center job just to support
    themselves. Have some respect for the occupation.
    All this talk of in-effective answers is just your excuse for losing
    that job to india.
    Serves you right for basking in your Superiorty Complex driven comfort
    I think M$ is better off than having such a bad mouthing
    fellow(nutcase) who has scant respect for any other occupation.

    ` Ajai Jose `
    Ajai Jose, Apr 9, 2007
  6. Ruch

    larwe Guest

    I did not ask who is welcome, I asked who is ACTUALLY INTERESTED in
    moving to India. It's foolish answers like yours - where the question
    was not understood - that give call centers a bad name.
    And why would anyone travel to India in order to become unemployed?
    Again, irrelevant drivel.
    My mediocre (at best; and it's usually worse) code I am referring to
    Microsoft specifically, and not India's IT industry. Microsoft's
    drones in the US (and elsewhere) are turning out equally low-quality
    consumer crap. Actually, we all should be very grateful to MS - they
    have lowered consumer expectations to the point where almost anything
    can be justified as good code.
    I'm not paid to. Please note that I am neither a US Govt employee nor
    an American. Again, you're spouting irrelevant piffle.
    That's exactly what they do.
    You're working very hard to paint a picture of India as a place where
    people with advanced degrees need to take menial jobs in order to
    support themselves. Now remind me just why a Western worker would want
    to relocate to this McJob paradise?

    Thank you very much for demonstrating just how correct I was.
    larwe, Apr 9, 2007
  7. Ruch

    TheDoc Guest


    actually, 7-11's are a great place to learn how to shoot straight.. !!
    TheDoc, Apr 9, 2007
  8. Ruch

    Ajai Jose Guest

    Foolish Questions derive answers (which the fool has a tuff time
    deciphering the answer)
    you may or maynot get employment here based on ur technical
    Looks like I stepped on some um-employed guys nerves...
    So ur unemployed already pardon me for not seeing that.
    Whatever...u seem to be (still)born to uncle sam.
    Lo behold the Supreme idiotic Superiority Complex speaketh again.
    Ajai Jose, Apr 9, 2007
  9. Ruch

    Mark Guest

    if I come for an interview I'd like to find a restaurant which serves a
    great Bombay Duck curry. Do you have a recommendation?
    Mark, Apr 9, 2007
  10. Well, I am from India. I personally know people who have worked in
    call centers. I have also dealt with call centers both in India and in
    the US as a customer. In many call centers (India and US), the aim is
    to close a call as early as possible. Most of such call centers
    require their employees to stick to the flow chart. Deviating from the
    flow chart too often could cost your job even if the customers are

    As for engineers taking up call center jobs, at least in Bangalore,
    the salary offered by the call centers seems to be the primary reason.
    Also, while many of them have engineering degrees, I wouldn't call
    them engineers. A significant portion of the engineering graduates who
    take up call center jobs are not fit to be engineers. Not without
    extensive training anyway.

    Have a nice day,
    R Pradeep Chandran, Apr 9, 2007
  11. I have used MS to do embedded products in the enterprise space, quite
    a few times now.
    The Real Andy, Apr 10, 2007
  12. Ruch

    Ajai Jose Guest

    I recommend you to give the interview rather worry about the Duck.
    Ajai Jose, Apr 13, 2007
  13. Ruch

    larwe Guest

    Actually instead of worrying about either, or the spammers like the
    original poster, or idiot trolls like this "Ajai" character,
    prospective emigrants to India should be much more worried by things
    like this: <http://in.rediff.com/money/2006/apr/10life.htm>
    larwe, Apr 13, 2007
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