In plain English - how do you wipe these Dell partitions and restore points!?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by optech290, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. optech290

    Notan Guest

    FWIW, December 2002 and December 2003:

    Systems were supplied with a "Reinstallation CD" (XP in its entirety...
    Nothing more, nothing less), and a "ResourceCD" (User Guides, Drivers,
    and Diagnotics/Utilities).

    Notan, Aug 21, 2006
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  2. My drivers are on a separate CD.
    I also received a standard Windows CD and a CD with the various program
    samples normally preloaded by Dell.
    The Recovery CD may not, but if you obtain the set of 3 CDs, all the
    programs are there.

    I cannot believe I'm crossposting into this group again. Gak! But Becky
    knows what she's talking about; you don't.
    Rhonda Lea Kirk, Aug 21, 2006
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  3. optech290

    Dustbin Kook Guest

    People usually use ~ to indicate approximate time frames. However, since XP
    was released in 4Q2001, his statement is still correct.

    You look foolish trying to prove him wrong by pointing out his date mistake.
    What he wrote is true; Dell supplied a restoration image with their early
    deliveries, not a true XP CD.
    Dustbin Kook, Aug 21, 2006
  4. Fucking DellBots.
    This page has a lot of information for the various incarnations of the
    recovery process:

    In particular:

    " The Dell OS Recovery Utility is available on Dimension computers
    that were shipped between December 15, 2004 and July 15, 2005 and on
    Inspiron computers between January 10, 2005 and July 15, 2005. The
    utility is available on the same systems shipped in Europe between the
    dates of April 11, 2005 and February 20, 2006"

    "You may have the ability to create your own OS Recovery CD. This CD
    would be required if both System Restore and PC Restore failed or if you
    are an advanced user and have the desire to rebuild your system
    manually. This CD may also be required if you have a hard drive failure
    or upgrade your hard drive."

    There's more on the page itself about the various methods Dell offers,
    but now and in the past.
    Rhonda Lea Kirk, Aug 21, 2006
  5. optech290

    Steve W. Guest

    OK. Here are the OS restoration options that Dell has offered to home
    buyers in the US.

    1 - Early Dell machines included a MS labeled OEM CD. This was the OS
    WITH NO OTHER ADDITIONS. They included CDs for the applications that
    were installed on the machine from the factory. These were also labeled
    by the respective manufacturers. So if you bought a machine with Windows
    98 that had MS Office on it you got an MS branded OS disc, MS Office on
    CD(s) and a Dell drivers and utilities disc. That disc included any dell
    specific hardware drives and any trial software that was offered. If you
    wanted a clean system you do an FDISK and boot from the OEM CD and you
    have a machine running Win 98. They also did have a section of the drive
    that could be activated using the ZZTOP command which COULD restore the
    machine to complete OOB IF it didn't get corrupted or written over
    during normal use. It was not very reliable once the machine had been
    used for a couple weeks or so. This is why most people never knew about
    it and it was seldom used once a machine left the plant testing area.

    2 - The next generation (like my Dim 8200) That were sold at the end of
    sales for ME came with a DELL LABELED system recovery disc. HOWEVER that
    disc is nothing special, it is MS Windows ME WITH a DELL folder added
    during install. That folder has in it the hardware drivers needed for
    the OS to function on the machine without a problem. NOTHING ELSE. I
    also received a full oem version of Office on CD as well as DVD
    software, a couple games and another DELL branded disc labeled System
    utilities. On that disc are the testing utilities and other Dell added
    software that on a NEW OOB system would be preloaded. The utilities are
    the same ones that are in the hidden partition on the drive. Want a
    clean OS only system FDISK and boot from the DELL recovery disc. You get
    a machine with ONLY ME on it. Some of these machines also had the ZZTOP
    command option BUT it was basically useless once the machine was used.
    Part of the deal with the end of sales of ME for this period was
    that Dell would send you a copy of Win XP FREE as soon as it was
    available. I have mine still in the box. It consists of a DELL Labeled
    OEM XP Home disc, a dell Utilities/Drivers disc that has any updated
    drivers I would need for the machine to operate. Included was a full
    version of the DVD software for XP, an update CD for Office and a couple
    other updates for games. The XP disc is BIOS coded, It will install on a
    Dell box with NO ACTIVATION NEEDED. If you wanted to do an upgrade they
    included instructions which basically said toss the disc in the drive
    and follow the prompts. If you wanted a clean install of XP you just
    backed up your work, FDISKED the drive, dropped the XP disc in and
    installed XP, setting up the options as you went along. This disc like
    the ME disc would put a Dell folder in the tree BUT it has nothing in it
    until you use the Utilities/Drivers disc to load in the correct hardware
    drivers. They go in that folder. You end up with a bare XP Home machine.
    This disc WILL also install on a NON Dell machine ILLEGALLY, and it will
    require activation.

    3 - The generation after this (starting with the 8250) included the same
    OEM XP disc in Home or Pro as they sent out earlier, EXCEPT they
    slipstreamed in the drivers so you didn't need to use the utilities disc
    unless you wanted to install them. These machines also had the hidden
    partition with the utilities on them which was blown away when you
    formatted the drive. On these machines you Formatted, dropped in the XP
    labeled disc and followed the prompts. When done you had a machine a
    bare OS on it. The applications were included on separate discs and you
    installed them as well. The software was ALL OEM so you didn't get books
    or manuals with them, those were included electronically or OTW.

    4 - Later machines to present. (believe it was around the same time as
    XP-SP2 was released) Dell no longer includes the OS CD with the machine
    for free. It is now a 10 dollar option to buy the disc when you first
    configure the machine to order. Instead they have a utility included
    with the machine that allows you to burn a copy of XP for yourself as a
    backup. This is a one shot item that vanishes once you burn a copy.
    However if your burn fails OR the HD is DOA or you lose the CD Dell will
    USUALLY sell you a copy if your machine isn't that old. The Burned copy
    is the same as what they will sell you except the later disc may have
    some updated drivers depending on hardware sold at the time. Either one
    will install on a Dell box and give you a bare XP install, without
    needing to activate it. They still include application software and a
    utilities disc.

    The last I had heard the OS discs were still included on the business
    side. Don't believe they had the burn it option.

    Now contrast these options with Compaq/HP.
    They offered 2 restore options for home buyers.
    1 - a True restore disc that installed the OS AND all the factory
    bloatware. No option for an OS only install unless you bought a retail
    copy. Lose the discs and they would sell you a new set for about 25
    bucks. They did include CDs for games and some apps if they were NOT MS

    2 - Current option is to burn your own restore disc, which also includes
    all the factory crap. Failed burn? They will sell you a restore disc for
    about 35 dollars or so.

    For businesses they would include the OS CD for a fee.
    Steve W., Aug 21, 2006
  6. optech290

    Henry Guest

    I got my Dell Dimension 4700 in March of 2005. It has a CD labeled
    Operating System and say "Only use the CD to reinstall the operating
    system on a Dell Computer". I also got a CD of Drivers and Utilities
    and a CD of Applications. Does this mean I can only use the Operating
    System on another Dell computer, or if I build one myself I can use it
    on that computer?

    Henry, Aug 21, 2006
  7. If you mean "bloatware", not true. Once you finish the Windows Setup
    you'll have a bare bones XP on your HDD - no antivirus, no Internet BS,
    no Musicmatch, etc.
    Sparky Spartacus, Aug 21, 2006
  8. optech290

    Tom Scales Guest

    Tom Scales, Aug 21, 2006
  9. optech290

    Ben Myers Guest

    Microsoft lawyers may come and whack one of us, but legally you can use the CD
    on the computer you got, but practically speaking, all Dell OS CDs are
    interchangable (provided they say XP Home for example), and can be used on other
    Dell systems with the SAME OS sticker.

    I have heard several opinions about using a Dell OS CD on a non-Dell computer.
    One is that it works just fine. The other is that it balks at accepting the
    25-character alphanumeric code from a retail Windows COA... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Aug 21, 2006
  10. optech290

    Bob Levine Guest

    Ben Myers wrote:

    Retail CD keys are, IME, indeed a problem. They just don't work. But
    I've had no problem getting the CD keys on other OEM machines to work.

    Bob Levine, Aug 21, 2006
  11. Dell's what?

    All you're good for is throwing your weight around. "If Tom Scales says
    it, it must be so." Even when you're dead wrong.

    It's a computer, Tom, not the second coming of Christ, and for all that
    you worship it like a graven idol, you are not its holy prophet.

    Get over yourself, already.
    Rhonda Lea Kirk, Aug 21, 2006
  12. I got mine free, a couple of months after I received my computer, just
    for the asking.

    Want to see the packing slip?

    And that link you provided is for Dells sold in the UK anyway.
    Rhonda Lea Kirk, Aug 21, 2006
  13. optech290

    Ben Myers Guest

    Now THAT is useful information. This implies that the same OEM CDs are used by
    every major OEM of Microsoft Windows. And this makes a lot of sense. After
    all, why cobble up specific OEM versions for Dell, IBM, HPaq, Gate-machines, and
    all the rest? ... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Aug 21, 2006
  14. optech290

    chrisv Guest

    Surely you're not going to buy that crapola. Suffice it to say, "there are
    several exceptions to his opinion."
    chrisv, Aug 21, 2006
  15. optech290

    Bob Levine Guest

    They are still Dell specific since they don't require activation on
    Dells. You'll get an activation warning on other OEM machines and you
    can just enter the CD Key on the case to activate it.

    Bob Levine, Aug 21, 2006
  16. optech290

    Irene Guest


    You don't need to tell us. We all know that you know far, FAR, more about
    Dell computers than anyone else. After all, over the years, you've told us
    enough times. >G<

    Now I remember why I periodically read this group.

    It is so entertaining.

    Your fan,

    Irene, Aug 21, 2006
  17. optech290

    Bob Levine Guest

    Tell us, despite your personal feelings, what has your experience been
    in receiving CDs with Dell machines?

    Bob Levine, Aug 21, 2006
  18. optech290

    Irene Guest

    Two came with the CD's. One did not, did not offer a purchase option and did
    not have the option to burn the CD. No real problem(other than the wait). We
    called Dell and received the CD about two and one half months later.
    Irene, Aug 21, 2006
  19. optech290

    Bob Levine Guest

    And have you used those CDs to reinstall Windows? If so, what was the
    experience? Activation request or no?

    Bob Levine, Aug 21, 2006
  20. optech290

    Ricky Guest

    I have a Dell laptop that came with an XP CD and driver CD. I used the XP cd
    to reformat and delete the recovery partition to give me more space. It did
    not have to be activated. I also used the same Cd on a friend's laptop and
    it also did not have to be activated. I called Dell and had them send me the
    CD for my friend's laptop so there wouldn't be any problems and it didn't
    have to be activated either.
    Ricky, Aug 21, 2006
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