Incompatible Processor err on single processor board!

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by RzB, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. RzB

    RzB Guest

    I have put together a system with a Tyan K8S
    motherboard, an AMD Opteron 144 CPU.
    Two sticks of 512MB Kingston Registered PC2700

    Unfortunately it give an error message when powering
    up that says Warning Incompatible Processor. It then
    wobbles on about one of my multi processors not
    matching the other. Obviously some confusion here as
    this mother board only supports one processor...

    Some screen shots.....

    Boot Screen.... (60KB)

    Error Screen....(79KB)

    If I press F1 to Continue a am able to boot Memtest -
    Memtest runs without any problems.

    However trying to run a Windows setup disc either
    causes it to hang or restart after about 2 mins.

    Any thoughts?
    RzB, Jun 11, 2004
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  2. RzB

    RzB Guest

    OK - I finally got to the bottom of this problem -
    so I'm posting the details back here in case anyone
    else is going through the hell that I have recently
    been through.

    It turns out that the latest BIOS on the Tyan site
    when I first posted did not cope with the latest
    revisions of the Opteron 144. I had updated the
    BIOS to the latest version but that had not fixed
    the problem. I have just checked and there is a new
    beta version up there now. File name is - 2850_520a
    in the beta download section.

    I sent an email to Tyan support last Sunday and have
    had no response and a week has gone by.
    Not at all impressed. Also the automated responses
    from support were giving me incorrect data
    about where to install the memory.

    However, I was very inpressed with the support I recieved
    from - the vendor. I only wish I had
    gone to them first - they were very knowlegable and
    helpful. They spoke to Tyan who evidently alreay new
    of the problem and provided me with a new BIOS.

    The only extra problem I had after installation of
    Windows 2003 Server was an "Unknown" device
    showing up in the device manager. Again Rainbow-It
    helped here and diagnosed this as probably the HPET
    or SMBus component. They recommended installing
    AMD Driver Pack, Version and this fixed the
    problem. This can be found here...,,30_182_871_9034,00.html

    Take care this URL might wrap....

    RzB, Jun 26, 2004
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