increase performance? to use 4 modules of 512MB 2225 1T?

Discussion in 'IBM' started by ali yousefi, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. ali  yousefi

    ali yousefi Guest


    I endup going with 4 of the 512MB of kingston Hyperx 2700 with
    2-2-2-5 1T timing. I figured with two gigs, about half of gig will go for
    the system files and the other 1.5gigs are for my applications. So, I only
    rubbed myself out of half of gig of application memory. But, man what a
    speed performer, that should make all the difference during rendering, I
    figuered. What do you think.
    thanks for all your help.
    ali yousefi, Aug 1, 2003
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  2. ali  yousefi

    NuT CrAcKeR Guest

    Sounds good to me.

    But... each 32bit application is allocated 2GB of memory space, regardless
    of how much physical memory is in the comp. That is where Paging gets
    important... with 2GB phyiscal, the OS wont take up much, nor will apps
    (even rendering)... keep an eye on your memory usage. you will see that you
    have lots and lots of room to grow into.

    I have hyper X 3200 in my Athlon XP system... its pretty fast. A 2100+ CPU
    doing an average of 2.7hr SETI work units... thats impressive (considering
    the chip is running at 2Ghz...) My P4 1.8 w/ 512M DDR was doing a WU in a
    little over 4 hours...

    NuT CrAcKeR, Aug 1, 2003
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  3. ali  yousefi

    ali yousefi Guest

    by each application you don't mean than if you have three applications
    than will use 6GB, if that much is available,do you?
    Could you explain paging if is not too much trouble, thank you.
    Also, do you think I made the right move going with the 4 modules
    of fast 512MB rams instead of 4 of the slow 1GB memory modules.
    I thank you in advance for all your information and help.
    off the subject anything new in SETI, it sound pretty interesting.

    take care, thank you
    ali yousefi, Aug 1, 2003
  4. ali  yousefi

    ali yousefi Guest


    Thank you very much for detailed information. Very good and to the
    point, and exteremly informative. If is okay with you, I got couple of
    other questions:

    -Does the system do paging operation no matter how much memory you have,
    does it do it less with greater amount of memory.
    -I will be useing u320 SCSI RAID0 (64bit 133MHz) with two maxtor atlas IV
    10k RPM. And two 200GB western digital ata100 RAID0. Where would you think
    to put the "pagefile.sys" since the system drives(The two SCSI RAID0) are
    raided the the other raid drives are IDE and slower performance for longer
    -When rendering a series of scenes, it would be information of models
    changing shapes (deformers) for moving about (transformational
    how would that workout with 2GB of sytem memory. Obviously as the
    starts filling up it has to be doing paging operation! so when you are
    rendering multiscenes for AVI files how would that work since these
    in combo are much much larger than 1GB.

    If you get a chance and feel like informing a novice, I appreciate your

    thank you,
    in advance.
    ali yousefi, Aug 3, 2003
  5. ali  yousefi

    ali yousefi Guest

    thank you very informative. one question:

    my scsi drive are 36GB each so total of 72GB of raid0. wouldn't it be
    better for the system drive and the larger drives 2 x 200GB western digital
    drive = 400GB of raid0 for the everything else. since scsi are better
    performance, put the system files and oporating system there. Also to put
    only the main application software in that also. and everything else on the
    IDE drives.
    I am getting the Iwill dp533 which is very nice board with lots of
    controls over the system. so what do you think about the place of oporating
    system and the main applications. how do you like the system:

    Iwill dp533
    2 x 2.4GHz Xenon 533FSB
    4 modules of Kingston pc2700 hyperx 2-2-2-5 1T
    PNY quadro fx1000
    Adaptec 39320R
    Adaptec 1200A
    2 x Maxtor atlas IV 10K 36GB
    2 x Wester digital 200GB IDE
    Enermax 460W power supply
    LIAN Li PC-75 Case
    I hope you like the system.

    again, thank you for all
    your information
    ali yousefi, Aug 5, 2003
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