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info on Acer TravelMate 8000 series?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Blind Broccoli, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Does anyone have experience with this laptop (TravelMate 8003LMi or LM is
    what I have seen for sale online in USA, maybe other designations
    elsewhere). I do mean 8003 with two zeros not 803LCi for which I can find
    lots of information. It has b/g wireless unlike the 8xx series and faster
    video card, and DVD +- RW, which is great. I don't know what other
    differences there are. Looks interesting to me with these specs. Any
    comments? Also how is Acer service and support these days?

    Blind Broccoli, Apr 20, 2004
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  2. Have been using TM803 since it came out. Never used Acer support. But
    laptop is rock-solid and I download BIOS upgrades from acer-euro FTP
    regularly (they even added BIOS support for upcoming Dothan processor).

    From the looks of it, TM8003 is an awesome laptop (I want one). It seems
    to be just a little heavier than TM803. DVI output is a notable
    difference (BTW, TM8002 does not have it) as well as the whole ATI MR9700
    graphics (top of the line). Card reader is built-in on the front versus
    a PCCard in TM803. I don't know if Gigabit Ethernet is of any use unless
    you are in corporate environment. I modded my TM803 and have DVD-RW in
    it, which to me is a must these days (working with video a lot). So the
    fact that TM8003 has it standard is good.

    It would be interesting to know what Acer did about internal antenna for
    wireless. Hope they put it into display lid instead of case base.
    I have wireless b/g in TM803 - mini-PCI card pulled out of Wireless-G
    Linksys router. Works with Acer button and led. Don't know how good new
    Intel card is. Most likely the same chipset (Broadcom), so should be
    similar to what I'm used to.

    Unless you worked with Acer (or some Sony for that matter) laptop before,
    you may have hard time adjusting to keyboard layout. Those Home and End
    keys requiring Fn were driving me nuts initially.

    Acer lately seems to set high standards in notebook design.

    One more thing. I have not tried it myself but I've heard people were
    calling Acer regarding spare parts (there is contact information with e-
    mail, contact person name, and phone number on Acer site) and had good
    luck with it. Maybe someone will chime in...

    Alexei Boukirev, Apr 21, 2004
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