[INFO] SD 11 Won't boot without monitor

Discussion in 'FIC' started by MazzzzzingaZ, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. MazzzzzingaZ

    MazzzzzingaZ Guest

    I need to boot my PC without monitor (using the graphic card TV-OUT)
    and I don't know how. If I plug only TV to the PC I've a boot failure:
    nothing "beep", nothing on TV. If I connect the monitor after the PC
    power on I can see on it the Video Card information (manufacture, video
    bios version, ecc, all informations that normally come before POST). Is
    a M/B problem or a VGA BIOS problem? (I've a Nvidia GeForce2 GTS with

    There is an option in M/B bios to ignore errors in the boot? I heard
    about "Halt on....." item, but I can't find in NC611 Bios.

    MazzzzzingaZ, Apr 28, 2006
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  2. It is a problem with the Geforce2's VGA BIOS. It is expecting a monitor
    to be attached, and it refuses to boot without one.

    One of the steps in the motherboard POST sequence is to initialize any
    graphics cards in the computer, which has the graphics cards go through
    their own POST routines. The SD11 is doing its part correctly, but the
    Geforce2 hangs when there is no VGA cable attached.

    There is a way to fool the Geforce2 into thinking that a monitor is
    attached, however. You need to connect the "red", "green", and "blue"
    output pins on the VGA connector to the "red return", "green return",
    and "blue return" pins, respectively, using a 75 ohm resistor for each
    connection. That is...

    red (pin 1) --> 75 ohm resistor --> red return (pin 6)
    green (pin 2) --> 75 ohm resistor --> green return (pin 7)
    blue (pin 3) --> 75 ohm resistor --> blue return (pin 8)

    See the following links for more info. If they do not work, do Google
    searches on "VGA pinout" and "VGA dummy".


    If nothing else, at least you know the cause of the problem. Good luck!

    Alex Zorrilla, Apr 28, 2006
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  3. MazzzzzingaZ

    MazzzzzingaZ Guest

    Ok, thanks.
    MazzzzzingaZ, May 2, 2006
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