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Ink Desktop issues on hp tc1100 w/ XP TPC sp2

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by shikari shambu, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to get the ink desktop working on my hp tc1100 tablet pc. I
    first had problems enabling the active desktop. Now, looks like active
    desktop is enabled. However, when i try launching "Ink Desktop" I get
    the following message - "parameter is incorrect".

    there is nothing in the event logs etc..

    Any help is appreciated.

    shikari shambu, Jun 6, 2005
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  2. shikari shambu

    Chris H. Guest

    Could be a couple of several things. Do you have .NET 1.1 (NOT 2.x)
    installed, along with the appropriate updates from Windows Update? When you
    right-click your Desktop (blank spot) and select Properties, then go to the
    Desktop tab and tap the Customize Desktop button in the lower-left, on the
    Web tab do have a listing for Ink Desktop and is there a check mark in the
    box to the left of it? Are you perhaps running TweakUI or any variation
    thereof, or used a group policy, to disable

    Active Desktop? It needs to be enabled.
    Chris H., Jun 6, 2005
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  3. Hi,
    I have .NET v 1.1 with all updates. I don't have .NET 2.0 runniing. I
    did check on the DEsktop > Properties> Desktop (tab) > Customize
    Desktop > Web. I don't have a listing for Ink Desktop here. All that I
    have is a listing for "My Current Home Page". Is the Ink Desktop
    listing supposed to appear on install.

    I am running Tweak UI - actually used it to change settings regarding
    Active Desktop because it was disabled.

    BTW, thanks for your help regarding windows acttivation. I called MSFT
    acttivation line this morrning and got it sorted out.

    shikari shambu, Jun 7, 2005
  4. shikari shambu

    Chris H. Guest

    Yes, Ink Desktop should be showing on the Web tab. If it isn't showing, I'd
    suggest you go into Add or Remove Programs and uninstall the listing for
    Microsoft Ink Desktop, restart your system, make sure absolutely nothing is
    running in the background (including Tweak UI and any anti-virus or third
    party fire wall - Windows Firewall is okay), and then install again.
    Chris H., Jun 7, 2005
  5. shikari shambu

    bmhome1 Guest

    I had absolutely no luck getting InkDesktop to start up (installed okay,
    just never opened) no matter what I tried and what others suggested trying
    (including MS Tablet staff help). Another user experiencing the same issue
    gave up and full reinstalled XP with success.

    I progressively reloaded archived True Image drive image backups (HIGHLY
    suggested as a habit) and suddenly after six full restores and attempted Ink
    Desktop functionings without results, it started right up from using months
    old image #6 and has run flawlessly on that since for several months now.

    I suspected some trial software had affected the Active Desktop functioning
    adversely and ruined InkDesktop running afterwards. I suspected a trial of
    Style XP theme install at around the time of subsequent failed attempts, but
    never was sure except to suggest Ink Desktop not starting up or ever
    appearing as a selection in the web desktop checkbox isn't a good sign.

    Active Desktop worked, web pages as desktop loaded properly, just never Ink
    Desktop. Something amiss deeply buried was blocking it from ever starting up
    on all those later OS restore copies.
    bmhome1, Jun 7, 2005
  6. shikari shambu

    Chris H. Guest

    I believe you're right about the "theme" packages, or perhaps packages which
    use Active Desktop to change the background picture, etc. I believe there
    are some notes in the readme file to make sure Active Desktop is enabled if
    you're running TweakUI, for instance. I don't recall seeing specifically
    other desktop-manipulating programs, however.
    Chris H., Jun 7, 2005
  7. Thanks Chris. Reinstalled the Experience pack and now the Ink Desktop
    is working. It is really nice.

    shikari shambu, Jun 7, 2005
  8. shikari shambu

    Chris H. Guest

    Very good. Glad it is working for you now. Enjoy it!
    Chris H., Jun 7, 2005
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