Inspiron 8100 Battery Life

Discussion in 'Dell' started by rock7891, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. rock7891

    rock7891 Guest

    I have a two yr old Inspiron 8100 LT. The battery used to run the
    machine over two hours---now after 2yrs I'm lucky if it runs for 20min
    and that's just starting it and letting it sit. I have extended
    warrantee but Dell refuses--saying they warant it for only 1yr---great
    COMPLETE care! New battery is $170!!! Does anyone know a way to
    rejuvinate these Lithium Ion batteries or where else one can be
    purchased other than Dell for less than that horrible price?? Thanks
    for the help---one last thing--I usually leave it plugged in---does
    this shorten the battery life?
    rock7891, Jan 27, 2004
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  2. rock7891

    SteveR Guest

    Forget it.
    I've had good luck with They have aftermarket
    batteries as well as some selected Dell-branded batteries. The
    aftermarket batteries are much less expensive and work at least as
    well as the Dell branded ones.
    Yes, unless you occasionally (once every other month or so should do)
    exercise the battery with a discharge-recharge cycle.
    SteveR, Jan 27, 2004
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  3. rock7891

    Tom Scales Guest

    Battery life is, on average, 18-24 months. They are considered consumables
    and not covered by Completecare. It's actually documented pretty clearly in
    the Completecare information.

    Tom Scales, Jan 27, 2004
  4. rock7891

    Weaver one Guest

    Oh of course, it your fault. It could never the fault of Dell. Right Tom?
    Weaver one, Jan 27, 2004
  5. rock7891

    WSZsr Guest

    Another jerk joins the group. Or is it one of the regulars (jerks) that
    changed his alias again?
    WSZsr, Jan 27, 2004
  6. rock7891

    Weaver one Guest

    Another Dell bot!
    Weaver one, Jan 27, 2004
  7. rock7891

    Hans S Guest

    The organic entity known as Weaver one communicated the following:
    Whatever your general impression about Tom's contribution might be, is this
    case he is right.

    Hans S, Jan 27, 2004
  8. rock7891

    Dave Guest

    My 18 month old Inspiron battery suddenly stopped holding a charge, and I
    too have the Complete Care service agreement. I saw nothing about batteries
    not being covered until I received the Schedule 1 document that came in the
    mail several days after my system arrived. I think the money paid for
    "Complete Care" should cover the "Complete System." If it's something that
    the covered system cannot operate without, in a mode in which it is
    designed, it should be a covered part. It's that simple. A laptop battery
    is a necessary part, not an optional accessory.

    Either way, I'm replacing my battery with one from,
    or perhaps another place I found. Their warranty is 1 year. I've found a
    couple of places that only warrant their batteries for 90 days, or 6 months.
    Dave, Jan 27, 2004
  9. From,
    a link I posted here on Jan 11th for an article that discussed
    lithium-ion batteries:

    "Lithium ion batteries, the battery type most commonly used
    inside laptops and the flashy gadgets that early adopters of new
    technology lug everywhere in their pockets, are the most
    lightweight, powerful and low-maintenance batteries around.
    They're even more environmentally friendly than other choices.

    But they have one drawback: a limited lifespan. Lithium ion
    batteries are particularly susceptible to aging; as soon as one
    leaves the manufacturing line, its countdown begins. A typical
    lifespan is two to three years, whether it is ever used or not --
    as some disgruntled owners of Apple Computer Corp.'s iPod found
    when their digital music players suddenly went dead. A huge
    hullabaloo ensued."

    And this, addressing the "do I discharge-recharge or not"

    "There isn't much that users can do to make the batteries last
    longer. For example, some older battery technologies survived
    longer when users fully discharged them before loading them up
    with a fresh charge. That's not the case with lithium ion
    batteries; it makes little difference if users let the batteries
    run down or keep their gadgets "topped off" by plugging them in
    every night or two".

    And this addendum to the lifespan info:

    "That built-in battery in your digital music player or personal
    digital assistant will typically survive 500 complete recharge
    cycles. After so many visits to the power outlet, that battery
    will still retain 80 percent of the charge it could originally
    hold, but it's at the beginning of a pretty steep downward curve
    in performance."

    The article also mentions [surprise, surprise] that heat affects
    batteries, as it does practically everything else in one's

    "If there's anything that lithium ion technology doesn't respond
    to well, it's heat. Heat ages these batteries rapidly by
    accelerating the chemical reaction that eventually kills them. If
    you aren't going to use that battery-using gadget for a long
    period, the best thing to do is to store it in a cool place with
    about a 40 percent charge, said Isidor Buchmann, author of a book
    on batteries and founder of Cadex Electronics Inc., a British
    Columbia-based battery-charger company."

    I have never, and will never if I can avoid it, owned a laptop -
    Dell's or anyone else's. I have no dog hunting in this. Dell's
    policy is in line with that of most other manufacturers - laptop
    batteries are a consumable item, just like toner or ink
    cartridges in a printer. Unless there's an infant failure of the
    battery [i.e. failure within a few months of purchase, say the
    first six], I wouldn't expect it to be covered by Dell, or IBM,
    or Compaq, or ....
    Ogden Johnson III, Jan 27, 2004
  10. Just verify that the batteries are newly manufactured -a 6-month old battery
    may have as much as 30% of its useful life already gone.

    Edward J. Neth, Jan 28, 2004
  11. rock7891

    rock7891 Guest

    Thanks everyone for your responses---I certainly know more about this
    than I did. I may buy one of the three that fit in at simplemicro
    between $99-119 (Thanks SteveR). Based on what Ogden forwarded--I may
    buy the battery and keep it in the freezer since the LT will operate
    when plugged in with the battery out.

    Concerning "Complete Care"--I too received a mailing that included a
    double sided Hardware Service Agreement. I have read it twice and I
    swear it does not exclude the battery--there are exclusiongs mentioned
    like software. I don't doubt the newer docs exclude the battery but
    near as I can tell the doc they sent me doesn't---I offered to fax it
    to Dell---they weren't interested and would not consider anything
    other than what is displaying on their monitors--of course they were
    not able to send me a copy of the current docs either!

    Today I got an e mail asking me to fill out a satisfaction
    survery---needless to say I let them have it---not that helps me.

    So while I agree it's a consumable, and in line with other
    manufacturers, the agreement that I have does not exclude it and I
    think I have a point---albeit a mute one now since Dell refuses to
    consider the document I have.

    Thanks everyone---my wallet will be $100 lighter in the future but I'm
    rock7891, Jan 28, 2004
  12. rock7891

    Dave Guest

    I too couldn't find any mention of batteries not being covered in the
    service aggreement. I did find it, however, in the small print at the
    bottom of the schedule 1 document that accompanies the double sided service
    agreement. The schedule 1 doc lists what systems are covered by what
    warranty and should have been sent with the service agreement AFTER you
    purchased it and your system showed up.

    As for purchasing a new battery, I found They've got original Dell
    4460 Mah batteries for the Inspiron 8200 et al. Has anyone dealt with or They're the same
    people. I can't find them on the Better Business Bureau website.
    Dave, Jan 28, 2004
  13. rock7891

    rock7891 Guest

    Thanks Dave----therein lies the problem---all I ever received is the
    double sided Hardware Agreement---nothing with a Schedule 1--while the
    doc I have talks about Sch 1 I never received another piece of paper
    that I know of and I'm pretty good about that kind of stuff.---I guess
    I bear the brunt of this---but in my humble opinion I think Dell did a
    poor job and I pay for it---when I bought the agreement BEFORE
    delivery of the system and the paper---I was led to believe it was
    Complete Care---buyer beware from now on! even with Dell.

    I like the higher capacity battery---hope someone can tell us if
    Pacific is reputable. Also are similar but
    pacific seeems to address the aging issue which makes me lean that way

    rock7891, Jan 28, 2004
  14. rock7891

    Dave Guest


    Well, I'm going to buy one battery from . If all
    goes well, I buy another, and I'll post here. If all does not go well, I'll
    have my credit card company fight them, and I will still post here.
    Actually, as I look at their site, the Dell battery seems to be a special,
    so I'll buy the 2 and post here.
    Dave, Jan 29, 2004
  15. rock7891

    Bruno Guest

    I just recommended to a friend for that same battery.
    WIth the coupon code you can get 15% off, bring the 4460 battery down
    to about 110. Do a google search for "battery coupon" to find coupon
    Bruno, Jan 29, 2004
  16. rock7891

    Dave Guest


    Thanx for the info. I ordered from about an hour
    ago. Taking everything into account, the price, the coupon, the shipping,
    it's about $4 more to go with pacific. But, they give an 18 month warranty,
    while only gives a 12 month warranty. If the deal with
    pacific goes sour, I'll definitely go with Thanx again.

    For everyone else, I can post the coupon code. I found it at the first
    google hit for "battery coupon," thanx Bruno. I don't see anything wrong
    with posting it here, but I could be wrong. I know some sites get very
    uppity when their coupon codes are posted in NGs, and I don't want to p*ss
    them off.
    Dave, Jan 29, 2004
  17. rock7891

    Dave Guest

    My brandy-new batteries showed up yesterday, and they ROCK! They came half
    charged, I charged them up, and ran them for a couple of hours. I didn't
    have time to run them empty, but the discharge rate was real good. They
    are, by all outward appearances, original Dell batteries, considerably less
    expensive than had I bought them from Dell, with a longer warranty. Free
    UPS 2nd day air shipping, good price, great warranty, I am so there! I'll
    post here if they continue to perform, or not. So far, I heartily endorse
    this service or product!
    Dave, Feb 3, 2004
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