inspiron600m usb flash/mouse light on but not recognized-help

Discussion in 'Dell' started by glvega, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. glvega

    glvega Guest

    here is my problem, I put my computer to sleep, then took out flash
    drive & mouse.
    on reboot, plugging in mouse and flash drive again, they light up but
    do not work. What's more,
    the USB ports do not show up.
    If I put a different usb device, it does not light up, nor does the
    computer recognized it, only the ones I disconnected
    while in hibernation light up (but don't work).
    Here is what I tried,
    -removed and re-installed drivers
    -downloaded new bios system
    -downloaded patches from dell (R88576.exe, which supposedly will fix
    non-responding usb's)
    -re-installed the operating system

    All these to no avail. What puzzles me is that the usb's appear to be
    power-up, especially with
    the flashdrive and mouse I took out during hibornation, but not other
    devices. If I put in my
    Ipod, it charges it but does not recognize it.
    Any ideas besides the conclusion that the mother board needs to be

    Here is the system info:
    USB ports are 2.0
    Inspiron 600m
    Pentium (R) M
    Processor 1.60GHz
    1.39 GHZ, 768 MB of ram

    thanks for any troubleshooting ideas you can provide.
    glvega, Jan 24, 2007
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  2. glvega

    S.Lewis Guest

    I'd look at software possibilities first. The easiest first step would be
    running a windows system restore to bring back your settings to a date
    before the problem started.

    sleep/standby/hibernation can sometimes do odd things to systems. A little
    too early to look at hardware, imo.

    S.Lewis, Jan 24, 2007
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