Installing as Root User mystery

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Scooby Doo, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doo Guest

    The mystery of how to install the drivers for an Adesso USB ergonomic
    keyboard on a G4 with OS X 10.2.7 continues.

    Alice Faber had written:

    Are you sure...I can imagine that you'd have to install as an
    Administrator and that the installer would ask for your
    password. But
    installing as root? That seems *most* unlikely.

    So I thought I must have gotten the wrong idea. However, the FAQ at the
    Adesso site (which I was finally pointed to after several days by Adesso
    support) says:

    You must make sure to install the software in ROOT USER mode.
    To enable ROOT USER, see Appleís web-site: Apple Support
    Web-Site. After that is done and the software is installed,
    restart the computer and log in as ROOT USER.

    The problem, of course, is that I had already tried this and had come up
    As mentioned before (I think), this is just a stand-alone G4 at home.
    It's not on a network and I don't usually have to log-in at all...I
    think my User ID defaults to the equivalent of Admin. Since I can't fine
    "Security" under the NetInfo Mgr. I can't find an option to "Enable Root
    User." Is it hiding somewhere?

    Thanks in advance for any advice...

    Scooby Doo, Dec 12, 2003
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  2. Scooby Doo

    Dave Seaman Guest

    "Security" is not "under" the NetInfo Mgr. It's over to the right.

    To be specific, if you have NetInfo Manager running, you should see the
    following menus (reading from left to right across the menu bar):

    NetInfo Manager
    Security <----

    If you pull down the "Security" menu, you should find "Enable Root User"
    under "Security". If it's greyed out, you probably are not on an admin
    account, but there is guaranteed to be one on the machine.

    You should then go to System Preferences -> Accounts and find the option
    for "Display Login Window As:". Click on "Name and Password" (the other
    option is "List of Users", but that probably won't offer root as one of
    the choices). Now you can log out (under the Apple menu) and when you
    see the login window with the name and password fields, type "root" as
    the name and enter your root password.
    Dave Seaman, Dec 13, 2003
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  3. Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doo Guest

    Thanks, Dave. Yeah, that finally dawned on me as I tried going through the
    steps again after posting my msg.

    And here's the kicker: after enabling root and installing the Adesso driver
    again under root, IT STILL DOESN'T WORK RIGHT!! (The keyboard that is). The
    F-keys and all the multi-media keys are all useless. I've run into Adesso's
    lameness before with earlier keyboards (where the power-key was so poorly
    designed that it fell inside the keyboard), but their inability to author a
    driver that works with OS X 10.2.x is galling. There was a posting in this
    newsgroup back in September from someone whose Adesso quit working in going
    from 10.2.6. to 10.2.8. Somehow I suspect that my being at 10.2.7 they still
    haven't issued an updated driver. As for Panther, fageddaboutit....

    Plus, their website is busted half the time if you try to use it from a Mac.

    Scooby Doo, Dec 13, 2003
  4. Scooby Doo

    Tim McNamara Guest

    And so you're trying to use the piece of crap why? Sounds like a
    major waste of time and throwing good money after bad.
    Tim McNamara, Dec 13, 2003
  5. Scooby Doo

    RPS Guest

    Seems like the best course is just to ditch it.
    RPS, Dec 13, 2003
  6. Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doo Guest

    I'm trying to use it because it is an ergonomic keyboard that my hands
    like. And if there are other egnomic keyboards out there, I've not seen
    them. Know of any?
    Scooby Doo, Dec 13, 2003
  7. Scooby Doo

    Tim McNamara Guest

    I presume USB compatible? Here are some possible links:

    According to Apple (

    If you prefer a split ergonomic keyboard, just plug it in. You don't
    need to install any additional software or configure drivers.

    Other links:
    Tim McNamara, Dec 13, 2003
  8. Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doo Guest

    Scooby Doo, Dec 13, 2003
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