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Installing Catalyst 4.4 to Dual-Monitor System Results In First Monitor Disappearing

Discussion in 'ATI' started by CHANGE USERNAME TO westes, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. I unistalled Catalyst drivers from my system completely, rebooted, then
    attempted to install 4.4. After completing install and rebooting, my main
    monitor goes black, and only the second monitor shows the Windows 2000
    desktop. It's impossible to login to Windows because nothing is visible in
    the main desktop window.

    I then tried to boot in Safe Mode with VGA. This took nearly 20 minutes to
    boot correctly (on a 2.4 GHz machine with screaming fast drives). That
    did me no good, as I was not able to access any video settings for the newly
    installed Catalyst while in "safe" mode.

    I rebooted again and now the main desktop shows up. I select Advanced
    properties tab, then Displays, select Monitor, and configure for a single
    monitor system, trying to simplify my configuration before moving back to
    two monitors. Now the second monitor disappears and the first monitor
    enters some bizarre mode where at boot up a blue signin background appears
    but there is no signin dialog for Windows 2000, and when I hit ctrl-alt-del,
    no sign dialog appears.

    I reboot again, and this time I select "VGA mode". That gave me access to
    my Windows login, and I logged in and configured the desktop to 1024x768 and
    then I...yes...rebooted.

    After rebooting and logging in, I am finally able to configure monitor 1 for
    the correct resolution. I confirm that monitor 2's settings are correct
    as well. I reboot. Finally everything comes up as before.

    ATI: since you don't seem to be able to handle the complexities of how
    people set up two monitor systems, can I suggest a simple alternative?
    When we run the uninstaller, reset video settings to defaults, so that upon
    the next install of your software you don't pickup old settings in incorrect
    ways. At very least, offer this reset as an option to someone running
    your uninstaller. The above sequence was insanely complex, and I don't
    believe that most users would survive this and recover.
    CHANGE USERNAME TO westes, Apr 26, 2004
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  2. I suggest you resubmit this here:

    Brian Gregory [UK], Apr 26, 2004
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    pjp Guest

    Try it when using two separate ATI video cards if you think you had it bad
    pjp, Apr 26, 2004
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