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Installing Sony Vaio applications onto non Sony Preload Image

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Matt Ramadanovic, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Folks,
    I have been struggling with this for an hour. Consequently I decided
    to post this solution since it was annoying and highly unnecessary.
    Also, Sony's website isn't well suited for finding technical info and
    there search engine is broken. Perhaps some of you will find this
    information useful.


    Corporate environment. Needed to grab individual installers for
    Sony's VAIO drivers and applications (such as the Hotkey application)
    and integrate them into my image (basically get them off the Sony
    Application CD). Without these drivers my clean XP image didn't have
    access to the function keys on the units or any other special keyboard
    keys etc.

    Run the application CD and select the application you want the
    installer for. When the installshield application starts don't hit next,
    instead, alt-tab and check the %systemroot%\sonysys folder.
    Within this folder lies a subfolder for each application icon you click
    on from the front end. Copy the folder off (you might want to rename it
    to something more indicitive of what it is) and hit cancel from the
    installer. You can now install the application from the the folder you
    copied it off to. These installers seem to run OK from network shares
    (unc paths).

    Of particular importance (that is if your plan is to make a clean image
    for corporate use and not to make use of the machines video editing
    features) are the following apps :

    Sony Shared Library
    Sony UI Library Utility (User Interface forms)
    Video Shared Library
    Control Panel
    Utilities Library
    Hotkey Utility
    WinDVD4 (well, maybe not of particular importance)
    Matt Ramadanovic, Aug 25, 2003
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