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Intel 2200BG mini PCI upgrade from 2100

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by zacnici, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. zacnici

    zacnici Guest

    My wife has a Samsung X05 with the 'Centrino' Intel PRO/WIRELESS LAN
    2100 3B Mini PCI Adaptor. I've had the cover off the Mini PCI bay and
    note that it has 2 antennae wires and was manufactured in 2003. I have
    been told by an IT bod that these Centrinos are now showing their age.

    Reception is patchy to say the least though my Jornada 720 and Cisco
    340 are ace.

    I have also noticed that my wife never switches the wireless device off
    even when she is at work (where there is no connection) ... does that
    'wear it out'?

    Anyway I have seen an Intel PRO 2200BG mini PCI at a reasonable price
    that is known to be compatible with the Samsung X10. Our router at home
    is a Belkin 'B' 11mbs and would ask those who are more
    knowledgeable than me (i.e most of you)

    1. Will it be compatible with my wife's X05?
    2. Is it worth buying in terms of better reception, less drop out etc?
    (apart from being compatible with G 54 mbs routers)

    Sorry if they sound dumb questions, I am 95% sure the answers are going
    to be Yes to both questions but any help appreciated (as always)

    Also Any problems/tips on fitting it.

    zacnici, Jul 2, 2005
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  2. zacnici

    Jerry Park Guest

    The Intel 2200BG and the Intel 2915ABG (same device drivers) have a
    problem with the signal strength setting. Each time you log on, restart
    the computer, etc., you must reset the transmit power settings. It does
    not appear that Intel intends to fix this problem. They just came out
    with new drivers yesterday and the new drivers have the same problem.

    I'd use some other device.

    Any mini-pci device should work with your 802.11b system.

    If you plan on upgrading your router any time soon, I would look for a
    device that supports WPA. Also, if you can find one that supports WPA2
    (AES) encryption, that is also a plus.

    The Intel 2200BG and 2915ABG do support WPA2, but again, they have
    problems with the drivers.

    Since your wife's computer has two antenna's, hers may support bg+a. But
    802.11a is not very widely used.
    Jerry Park, Jul 2, 2005
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  3. zacnici

    zacnici Guest

    Thanks for that, I had been doing a google trawl and there seems to be
    a body of opinion suggesting that Intel mini pci's are not the favoured

    So I suppose I should then have asked in my posting what devices are

    zacnici, Jul 2, 2005
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