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Intel 82365 card controllers on 760el, also USB 2.0 card

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by AEACsharp, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. AEACsharp

    AEACsharp Guest

    I have an old plain pcmcia hand scanner that I'd like to get working
    under win 95 osr2 or win 98 se on my 760el. A Mustek CG-8000L pcmcia
    Plug-n-scan color hand scanner. Win98 and 95 see the card/scanner and
    start the hardware wizard, but it won't install the drivers I point it
    to, telling me those folders don't contain info on my hardware.

    Readme doc for the scanner says it wants SystemSoft's CardSoft
    controller driver or some Intel 82365 compatible one. I am not
    familiar with this apparently older PCMCIA card controller--is its
    abscence preventing installation of the drivers? Do I remove the Texas
    Instruments controllers that Windows normally installs for these
    cardbus-capable card slots and install the generic PCIC driver from a
    95 or 98 CD? Or am I already there when I tell the IBM config utility
    to disable cardbus? Is there yet some other driver out there I need?
    Any other suggestions for getting this to work?
    Mary Ann in Phila.
    p.s. for the usenet archive -- got USB 2.0 cardbus card to work on the
    760el (9547-U6g) by forcing it to use IRQ 4 via thinkpad config
    utility. at the moment, just running lexar card reader, jumpdrive, mp3
    player, and olympus d-370 digital camera through it
    AEACsharp, Apr 30, 2004
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  2. AEACsharp

    KLKoehler Guest

    As a recommendation I would check the PS2 ? DOS configuration command
    and Enable your PCI and other Interrupts with the IRQ switch, You can
    pretty much get everything enabled -like cardbus(Might use a bit more
    power on Batteries). I would also go to Adaptec and download the
    latest ASPI drivers for your operating system, and also check for the
    updated drivers for your device-*.INF and or setup files. And check
    Windows P-N-P hardware detection and the bios lookup tables settings
    for the system in Device Manager. Use the Add New Hardware wizard and
    search or specify driver( Some of which you have probably already
    tried) I hope something helps.
    KLKoehler, May 4, 2004
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