Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility ??

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Synapse Syndrome, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Looking at the downloads for my motherboard (Asus P5W DH Deluxe) I found

    Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility

    I remember installing it on the first XP OS installation I did with this
    motherboard, but since then I have not bothered. There isn't a version for
    Vista (which I am using) anyway, but what is this actually for?

    Vista recognised nearly all the hardware on installation, including RAID
    drivers. The only things that it didn't recognise was the onboard Realtek
    wi-fi and the JMicron SATA RAID controller.

    So do I need this Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility at all?


    Synapse Syndrome, Nov 11, 2006
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  2. It is the Intel chipset software. The description will list what
    chipsets and what OS' are supported.

    Every motherboard needs software for it's chipset installed. However,
    Windows will come with chipset software for most chipsets that existed
    before the version of Windows being installed was published (note, for
    XP, that can mean (depending on your Windows CD) that only chipsets
    which existed prior to 2001 are on the Windows CD).

    However, even the latest chipset software that exists on ANY Windows XP
    CD is now more than 2 years old (August 2004 ... or earlier, perhaps
    much earlier). Thus, either because your Windows CD had old chipset
    software, or because it had no chipset software (for your chipset), it's
    not a bad idea to install the latest version of the Intel (or Via, or
    whatever) chipset software that supports your chipset and the operating
    system in question.
    Barry Watzman, Nov 11, 2006
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  3. Cheers, I think I catch your drift. However, I guess it will be a while
    before there will be any need for Vista drivers in that case.

    Synapse Syndrome, Nov 11, 2006
  4. Not necessarily. Vista went Gold last week. If Intel {or Via or Ati or
    NVidia or SiS or {etc}} introduces a new chipset in January (quite
    possible ... quad-core processors are coming out), then motherboards
    purchase as soon as early 2007 might need chipset software that is not
    on the Vista DVD.

    Note that Microsoft is not good at updating the chipset software on OS
    distribution media. I'm not sure if the XP SP2 CD (2004) had chipset
    updates from the original XP CD (2001), and I'm quite sure that from
    2001 to 2004 there were no updates to shipping XP CDs being manufactured
    by Microsoft.
    Barry Watzman, Nov 11, 2006
  5. Synapse Syndrome

    Fred Guest

    Don't forget that the Intel chipset software doesn't actually instal any
    It just instals some INF files to your system that inform your operating
    system how to configure the chipset components.

    Following is some selected text from the included txt file from the latest

    "The Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility installs
    Windows* INF files to the target system. These files outline
    to the operating system how to configure the Intel(R) chipset
    components in order to ensure that the following features
    function properly:

    - Core PCI and ISAPNP Services
    - PCIe Support
    - IDE/ATA33/ATA66/ATA100 Storage Support
    - SATA Storage Support
    - USB Support
    - Identification of Intel(R) Chipset Components in
    the Device Manager

    One of the following operating systems must be
    fully installed and running on the system
    before installing this software:

    Microsoft Windows Server 2003* with Service Pack 1
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition*
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional* x64 Edition
    Microsoft Windows XP* with Service Pack 2
    Microsoft Windows 2000* with Service Pack 4
    Microsoft Windows Vista* (Beta 2 version)

    This software is designed for the latest service pack
    releases of above operating systems. "
    Fred, Nov 12, 2006
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