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Intel to launch Centrino as desktop chip bundle

Discussion in 'Intel' started by greg, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. greg

    greg Guest

    Many here read the inquire but I found this article worthy of posting.
    Centrino with Dothan vs Pentium 4 or 5 with 64bit extension possible
    could be the options in the near future for Intel desktop.

    greg, Feb 16, 2004
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  2. greg

    geno_cyber Guest

    It would be interesting if they could release motherboards with the option to add a Centrino to the
    main Pentium 4 , just like a Dual Processor motherboard. Maybe they could lock CPUs so that a
    Centrino+P4/P5 would work while a dual Centrino or dual P4/P5 wouldn't.

    However with dual-core CPUs on the horizon next year things are going to change a lot.

    I still think that Intel made a big mistake in releasing x86-64. They should have put IA64 into
    desktop and tweak it as much as possible to improve its performance.
    geno_cyber, Feb 17, 2004
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  3. greg

    Alex Johnson Guest

    This sounds absurd.
    I don't know when next year. I'm thinking later in the year, and only
    on the Xeon line for a year or two, just like HT.
    I second that.

    Alex Johnson, Feb 18, 2004
  4. greg

    Robert Myers Guest

    Intel not ready. Itanium not ready. Market not ready. Compiler not
    ready. Software not ready.

    Getting a few critical enterprise apps ready to sell to big customers
    and the apps necessary to make big numbers on benchmarks is one thing.
    Getting a whole pile of apps ready for desktop users in some other

    Itanium would _never_ recover from the excoriating reviews it would

    Let the VMS adopters, the uber-geeks, and the high power players
    straighten out a few kinks. Pile up a list of success stories. _Then_
    go after the workstation market big time. _Then_ go for the desktop.

    People think Intel can't sell Itanium. Very, very wrong. They had to
    tough it out with the P4, they're having to tough it out with
    Prescott. They could sell anything if they wanted to or needed to
    badly enough. They don't have to tough it out with Itanium. Yet.

    Intel management smart. Very smart. Introduction of Itanium into a
    broad market going to be a very rough ride.

    Always open to opposing views. Remember, I've been labelled an
    Itanium bigot. ;-).

    Robert Myers, Feb 20, 2004
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