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Intel wants & needs Microsoft to accept Larrabee GPU / GPGPU into theNext-Gen Xbox

Discussion in 'Intel' started by NV55, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. NV55

    NV55 Guest


    Intel wants Larrabee in Xbox 720

    Author: TweakTown Staff

    Intel is pulling out all the stops to get its Larrabee GPUs inside
    Microsoft's next-gen Xbox (Xbox 720) or another console, according to
    The Inquirer citing unnamed sources.

    As rumours go this doesn't sound too off the mark. MS needs a graphics
    chip for the Xbox 720, and Intel, along with NVIDIA and AMD, will have
    suitable parts available. The bigger surprise would be that MS refused
    to even hear Intel's sales pitch.

    But the Inq has gone further to say that Intel is doing everything it
    can to table an deal MS can't refuse, going so far as offering to do
    the engineering work on thermal design (hopefully ensuring we won't
    ever see a repeat of the RROD nightmare), and is even prepared to hand
    over the rights so that MS can get the chip manufactured at any fab it

    This would give MS a significant advantage in the next-gen console war
    as it would allow the console maker to book as much fab capacity as it
    wanted ensuring there is never a shortage of consoles on shop shelves;
    or it could shop around for the cheapest fab deal, meaning lower
    production costs and the ability to undercut Sony and Nintendo in the
    event of a price war.

    Overall a deal like this would be very attractive and it's unlikely
    either NV or AMD would be able to match it. So what's in it for Intel?

    The main motivation behind all this for Intel is developer support.
    The PC graphics card installed base is dominated by NV with around 60%
    and AMD with 30% (according to the Valve Hardware Survey), and it's
    just basic economics that games developers will devote most of their
    resources to design and test their new titles on these two families of

    Unless Intel is prepared to put up cash to make it easy and/or
    worthwhile for developers to spend time writing a Larrabee code-path
    for their games with a program similar to NV's TWIMTBP, it's going to
    take a while before games optimised for Larrabee start appearing. At
    the same time it's going to be hard to recommend gamers rush out to
    spend their hard earned money on a Larrabee card if there isn't
    software to take advantage of it. Chicken and egg.

    Intel getting Larrabee inside the Xbox 720, or one of the other next-
    gen consoles, would change this situation. Some developers my not be
    too happy about having to learn the peculiarities of the new hardware
    platform, but that won't stop them (see the reaction to the PS3 as an
    example) because the potential return on investment is much greater in
    the console market. The promise of being able to port those games over
    to the PC would be extra icing on the cake.

    Overall this news sounds pretty good for gamers. If Larrabee doesn't
    get in at least one next gen-console, it's going to take a while
    before we see games that really take advantage of the new hardware
    except for a few Intel-backed titles. On the other hand, if this deal
    goes down, it could mean cheaper consoles, more competition in the PC
    graphics card market, and more games for the PC, even if they are
    mostly console ports at first.

    In other news, Microsoft has announced price cuts for the Xbox 360 in
    the US market. Effective tomorrow (Sept 5), an Xbox Arcade bundle will
    set you back $199 USD (cheaper than the Nintendo Wii), the standard
    package with hard drive, headset etc. will cost $299, and the Elite
    bundle can be had for $399.



    Intel needs a console deal to get Larrabee off the ground

    Rumour mill has Intel courting Microsoft

    SPECULATION FROM INDUSTRY insiders has it that Intel is having
    significant trouble getting publishers and developers to programme for

    INQ sources reveal Chipzilla is offering to shell out millions of
    dollars to anyone who will bravely take the plunge into the great
    Larrabee unknown, an incentive which still doesn’t seem to be doing
    the trick, say some.

    As with any new architecture, Larrabee is considered a risk, and a
    potentially costly one at that, scaring developers into uncertainty
    about whether or not to put the work in.

    It seems that the only real way to force the developers’ hands, would
    be if Intel were to win a contract for a major console, meaning
    publishers would then have to programme for it.

    This means Chipzilla is now under immense pressure to get itself a
    console deal. And apparently all roads lead to Vole.

    And our well-placed if publicity-shy sources claim Intel has offered
    Microsoft a very sweet deal indeed in exchange for pushing AMD out of
    the running for Mightysoft’s upcoming Xbox 720.

    Offering everything from chips to chassis, Intel is purportedly wooing
    the Vole right down to designing its thermals and pimping the Larrabee
    chipset out to Microsoft to subcontract out as it pleases. Needless to
    say, this gives the Vole some rather hefty bargaining power, and
    leaves both AMD and Nvidia quivering in their boots.

    Intel also appears to be heding its bets by wooing Sony by going after
    the Playstation 4, which won’t be out until at least 2011. The Xbox720
    will be out in the market a fair while before that.

    Word out of the games convention in Leipzig appears to be that, in all
    likelihood, Larrabee version one will barely take off, but with the
    right console deal, Larabee Two – which should be making its first
    appearance somewhere around 2010 – could be a big player.

    Not getting a console deal could potentially stifle Larabee in the
    short term, as most games these days are written for consoles before
    being ported to a PC. This means that even if PC users have ten times
    the power, they’re still stuck using games developed for DX9.

    So, for Intel’s Larrabee, it could be either a console deal, or game
    over. µ



    NV55, Sep 8, 2008
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  2. NV55

    Paul Heslop Guest

    Paul Heslop, Sep 8, 2008
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  3. NV55

    sima Guest


    /me gets the fly spray ;oP
    sima, Sep 8, 2008
  4. NV55

    Paul Heslop Guest

    I'll buzz off then
    Paul Heslop, Sep 8, 2008
  5. NV55

    sima Guest

    /me gets the fly spray ;oP
    terry mac has done the same (wise must have took training)
    sima, Sep 8, 2008
  6. There's not much Microsoft can do to change this now. Even if they
    shipped a completely defect free system that doesn't help the people
    who were hit already.

    It's much smarter to look to the future instead of dwelling on the
    The alMIGHTY N, Sep 8, 2008
  7. NV55

    Paul Heslop Guest

    Paul Heslop, Sep 8, 2008
  8. NV55

    Paul Heslop Guest

    :O) I'm not even sure about the last bit
    Paul Heslop, Sep 8, 2008
  9. NV55

    Chris F Guest

    him leaving was no real surprise, frankly.

    i'm more puzzled by adam sadler going, he seemed to be doing a good
    job with the reserves.
    Chris F, Sep 8, 2008
  10. NV55

    sima Guest

    terry mac has done the same (wise must have took training)
    tery mac was part the wood work, can't see him getting job at liverpool etc
    didn't know all the backroom staff and depends what wages he was on (with
    sima, Sep 9, 2008
  11. I dunno, wasn't he known as 'black box' because he seemed to survive no
    matter what happened at Newcastle?
    Chris Stevens, Sep 9, 2008
  12. NV55

    Chris F Guest

    well he did alright for himself in the 7 years he never worked at the
    club after keegan left the first time.
    didn't know them all? he's been there for years and worked with every
    manager since souness.

    he was a GK coach with the academy until Roeder got made manager by
    FFS, and then Roeder promoted Sadler to work with Clarkie and the
    Reserves, with him then taking over when Clark left to join Glenda at
    Naarwich, so if anything, he'd know more of the staff than anyone
    else, and i doubt he was on as much money as some.

    maybe he just has morals and decided he couldn't work for an
    organisation that seems to be so blatantly two-faced.

    can't blame him, tbf.
    Chris F, Sep 9, 2008
  13. NV55

    Chris F Guest

    he's a massive pal of keegan, i can only assume he left as a show of
    support for him.

    christ, what a friggin mess they've made of our club, it's bloody
    Chris F, Sep 9, 2008
  14. NV55

    sima Guest

    if he's not in headlines or on the frontline I don't know him, I don't
    follow everything nufc ;oP
    least he can walk unlike the players, they got to wait till january.

    just seen ashley on SSN for 1st time and its the 1st time I heard him "no
    comment & todays a sports direct day" it'll not be a newcastle day for a
    long time
    sima, Sep 10, 2008
  15. NV55

    Chris F Guest

    aye, but sadly NUFC won't have an AGM any time soon ;)
    Chris F, Sep 10, 2008
  16. NV55

    sima Guest

    just seen ashley on SSN for 1st time and its the 1st time I heard him "no
    ;o) me thinks it'll be a while before he showing any potentional buyers
    round SJP ;oP he'll just ignore nufc till the dust settle's, hmmmm nice if
    you have a company or 2
    sima, Sep 10, 2008
  17. NV55

    Chris F Guest

    shame we're the only one that seems to be making him any money. a
    boycott of club merchandise and services may sting him more than he

    his sports direct shareholders aren't overly pleased with wor mike
    Chris F, Sep 10, 2008
  18. NV55

    sima Guest

    but you've got to keep it up, the shirts have already been bought, when
    there pissed at the match will they boycoutt the pies when there stomachs
    are rumbling ;oP it'll start off good but will fade and be forgotten and
    he'll still be in power

    instead of running in toon shops and singing (toon ultra's plan) they got to
    use there heads, make a spoof video "thru the key hole" style or make a
    video putting the club up for sale (why's no one put a "for sale" sign up
    yet outside ground ;oP) and use the power of the net
    sima, Sep 11, 2008
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