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Internet connection failed due to ? icons on Ethernet Controller,Network Controller, PCI modem, etc

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by cjeffwang, May 21, 2008.

  1. cjeffwang

    cjeffwang Guest

    After installing XP pro, I tried to reinstall the AT&T Yahoo Internet
    several times. The Internet connection just could
    not be installed. Checking the Device Manager showed Network adapters
    is Okay, but there are 7 Other Devices were shown a ? icon in front of
    each device. These included Ethernet controller, Network controller,
    PCI modem, Video Controller, etc.

    Reinstalling XP pro 2-3 times still got the same ? icons. What's
    Can I download these devices from Fujitsu laptop website?

    cjeffwang, May 21, 2008
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  2. cjeffwang

    BillW50 Guest

    typed on Tue, 20 May 2008 19:25:12 -0700 (PDT):
    Using a generic Windows XP install disk are you? If so, you won't have
    all of the drivers you need in all likelihood. Yes the Fujitsu website
    should have them. Or use the recovery CD/DVD that came with your laptop
    (if one came with yours). As that should include all of your drivers you
    need in most cases.

    Although next time you reformat (I don't reformat by the way), use
    something like DriverBackup before you do so. This will save your
    drivers to a CD/DVD, flash drive, or something before you reformat and
    lose all of them.

    DriverBackup! (free)
    BillW50, May 21, 2008
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  3. cjeffwang

    cjeffwang Guest


    I downloaded and installed all the drivers from Fujitsu website.
    Still the internet connection failed.

    Reviewing the Device manager showed 2 ? icons for Ethernet Controller
    and an Unknown device.
    The drivers I installed included: Application Panel, Audio, Chipset,
    Hotkey, LAN, Modem, PCMCIA and FlashMedia,
    Pointing Device, Video, WLAN-Intel 2200 & 2915, and WLAN Intel 2200BG.

    Which driver I may miss?

    cjeffwang, May 22, 2008
  4. cjeffwang

    cjeffwang Guest

    Solved the problem. The LAN driver exe file just created the folders/
    files. The 'Ethernet Controller' needs to be installed
    from the Device Manager -- Double-click the Ethernet Controller icon
    and follow the reload procedure.
    cjeffwang, May 23, 2008
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