iPanel Deluxe - Line-out/in noise fix

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Anthony Vacca, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. I bought an "iPanel Deluxe" a few months ago and found it was not all it was
    suppose to be.

    All problems I encountered were audio related problems. The iPanel was
    installed to a model

    P4T533-C motherboard. The main problem was a high pitch, whining noise on
    the line-out

    and line-in jacks on the iPanel. I exchanged the unit for another new one
    but the problem was

    still there. Then I found that when I disconnected AFPANEL connector the
    noise stopped.

    So for a while I ran without the LED read out and the IR. It was not
    necessary at the time.

    So one rainy day I pondered iPanel problem once again. If you have worked
    with audio

    equipment you know most noise problems are associated with poor grounding or

    Well anyway I may have found a fix for the problem and ASUS overlooked this

    After checking the circuit board located behind the face plate of the iPanel
    I found that the

    grounds for the LED and IR were isolated from audio section. But once the
    board is screw

    mounted, the metal frame closes the circuit connecting the isolated grounds.
    There are three

    mounting screws. I found the center screw was where the audio ground is. I
    used a nylon

    screw and some electrical tape on the metal part of the frame to prevent
    contact and that

    was it! The other problem was the microphone input switching using the
    "Sound Manager"

    was reversed between microphone and center/subwoofer-out. I downloaded the

    drivers from ASUS and that fixed it. This problem was only on the iPanel
    jack not the

    motherboard jack.

    With the negative responses I have seen posted on this group about the
    iPanel maybe

    there is some hope here for some owners.

    Good Luck!
    Anthony Vacca, Jun 28, 2003
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