iPod and radio transmitter.

Discussion in 'Apple' started by thepixelfreak, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Anyone here ever use the radio transmitter that's available for the
    Just wondering how well it works in the car..


    Dimitri Holman
    SGI Evangelist at Large.
    [email protected]_dot_com

    /dev/null - The Bit Motel, bits check in but they don't check out.
    thepixelfreak, Oct 9, 2003
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  2. There are a few different models. I've tried the iRock and now use the
    iTrip. The iRock is limited to four adjacent frequencies. And if all
    four are tied up, you're out of luck. There's at least one spot along
    Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles where I had to give up on my iPod.

    The iTrip uses a software tuner. You play a special sound file and it
    tunes to a specific frequency. And it draws its power from the iPod, so
    you don't need to worry about batteries. It works very well in isolated
    areas and not quite so well in metro areas where there are lots of radio
    stations and lots of interference. But given a car without a cassette
    player, it's definitely good enough.

    Just to give you an idea of its use, I took a trip this weekend from
    Mountain View, California (heart of Silicon Valley) to Reno, Nevada and
    Lake Tahoe, about five hours away. I had to change frequencies twice
    each way. One frequency got me out of the SF Bay Area and about half
    way to Sacramento. A second covered all the way to Reno, where I had to
    switch to a third. The frequency I found for Reno didn't work well
    around Lake Tahoe (a little more than half an hour's drive away), but
    the Sacramento frequency did. So I kept that one until I was back in
    Reno, and then switched back on my way home.
    Hank Shiffman, Oct 9, 2003
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  3. I have the iTrip and I not very impressed with it. Frequency response
    only goes to 15,000 Hertz. I can hear the loss of highs even in my car.

    Joseph R. Passante, CIH, CHO
    Industrial Hygiene Manager
    Environmental Health and Radiation Safety Office
    University of Pennsylvania
    215-746-6550 (O)
    215-898-0140 (F)
    215-651-0554 (M)
    Joseph Passante, Oct 9, 2003
  4. thepixelfreak

    Davoud Guest

    Joseph Passante:

    Another delusional "audiophile." No musical instrument produces a
    fundamental higher than 5,000 Hz. Yet you claim to notice the absence
    of the vanishingly weak third harmonic of 5,000 Hz -- and in a car, no
    less! Care to demonstrate your singular sense of hearing in a blindfold

    As for iPod transmitters, I've tried several. They generally work
    poorly in just about any metropolitan area.

    Davoud, Oct 9, 2003
  5. I have found that a parked car can be a wonderful anechoic chamber.

    Oh, he was actually driving around?
    Daniel Packman, Oct 10, 2003
  6. thepixelfreak

    Davoud Guest

    Joseph Passante:
    OK, I saw it, and the highest fundamental listed for any instrument was
    8 kHz from a pipe organ (that should probably have read "from a few
    pipe organs.") Not that you would be able to hear even that very well
    in a running automobile--unless the sound was uncomfortably loud. And
    there's not a chance in hell that you would hear the 16 kHz second
    Cor, I wish you lived close so that I watch you embarrass yourself in a
    blindfold test -- as I have seen so many self-styled audiophiles
    embarrass themselves. My favorite was the home-made plywood boom box
    with an FM/cassette unit from an '87 Honda and a pair of "3-way" car
    speakers. Most audiophiles are afraid of a blindfold test (as are most
    wine and cheese snobs, e.g.), but most were good natured when they
    picked the boom box as the best system -- compared to Crown, McIntosh,
    AR, Bose, you-name-it. It was mid-range "presence" that did it, of
    I have a cassette adapter in my Miata -- use it with my iPod and with
    my XM radio. The frequency response is plenty good for your ears and
    mine in an automobile, and certainly more than enough for a sports car
    with a nice baritone exhaust note and lots of wind noise.

    Davoud, Oct 10, 2003
  7. thepixelfreak

    Hugh Wolf Guest

    Ah, the pleasures of reductionism, the bliss of ignorance, the
    boundless pride of mediocrity, the pious worshipping at the alter of
    an imaginary "science" of subjective experience. And as if that
    weren't enough, anecdote as evidence!

    My only question is, why isn't this guy running Windows?
    Hugh Wolf, Oct 10, 2003
  8. I guess even The Windows OS has some pride.

    Joseph Passante, Oct 10, 2003
  9. thepixelfreak

    Davoud Guest

    Hugh Wolf:
    Jeez! Where have you been!? You missed it when I was flamed as a
    Windows troll here recently. I have seven Macs, including two
    PowerBooks and a brand-new iMac -- and one Windows laptop that I need
    to run astronomy software that is unlikely to become available for the

    I was flamed then for the same reason that you are flaming me now --
    people invariably blame the messenger when they don't like the message.

    Oh, and lest the message get lost, it is that Mr. Passante can't hear
    vanishingly weak 15 kHz harmonics while driving or riding in his car,
    regardless of the quality of its sound system.

    Davoud, Oct 10, 2003
  10. thepixelfreak

    John Heaney Guest

    Well, clearly that marks you as a Windows troll. duh. :/
    John Heaney, Oct 11, 2003
  11. Thanks for all of the responses. My query comes from a dilemma I'm
    having. I have a desire to listen to MP3's in my car and have been
    looking at the phatbox (http://www.phatnoise.com) which is basically an
    On STEROIDS hard drive based MP3 player that will plug into many cars
    that are pre-wired for a CD-Changer. However, I travel a bit for work
    and would just love to have an iPod. Could even plug the ipod into the
    home stereo..

    I think I'll pick up an iPod as it seems to be the most versatile of the
    bunch.. Even though the radio-transmitter side of things is limited to
    15KHz ;+) And yes, the car is a sports car with a deep grumble (I've
    never considered myself much of an audiophile, more of a musicphile ;+)

    Thanks again. And to the mac/windows warriors deep in the religeous
    spat. We all know UNIX is and probably always will be king. And I
    welcome all the MAC heads into the Magic Garden called UNIX.. :+p Just


    Dimitri Holman
    SGI Evangelist at Large.
    [email protected]_dot_com

    /dev/null - The Bit Motel, bits check in but they don't check out.
    thepixelfreak, Oct 13, 2003
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