Ipod - WIRED transmitter or wait for Taurus device?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by HermanBeach, May 17, 2005.

  1. HermanBeach

    HermanBeach Guest

    Absolutely hate the way my new Ipod sounds in the car over the Belkin
    wireless transmitter. Not enough volume, files made from albums or tapes
    distort, and I have to change the station every 10 miles (which, I'm told,
    would happen with ITrip, too).

    But the guy at Precision Electronics says a line-in device does NOT exist
    for my 2004 Ford Taurus car stereo system. It's in development but no
    delivery date has been mentioned. He also says that a wired transmitter
    system would eliminate all the problems I'm having with my Belkin
    transmitter (and would cost 1/3rd the price of a new line-in system and
    would be available NOW).

    My questions:

    What's the difference between wired transmitting and line-in?

    Potential related question: With line-in, I'd presumably use the same
    cord I'm currently using to attach a tape deck to my computer to import
    songs from tapes (via Garage Band). How does my IPod connect to my car
    stereo with a wired transmitter? Still via the Belkin? If so, how does
    the Belkin attach to the stereo? Right now, the only connectors it has
    are for input to the IPod and a port for the car lighter jack (worthless
    because the Belkin needs to be in the back seat, near the antennae, to
    transmit successfully).

    How does sound quality (wired transmitter versus line-in) compare?

    If I go with wired transmitting, should I change from Belkin to ITrip?
    Does ITrip yield better sound or just save me the expense of transmitter

    HermanBeach, May 17, 2005
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