Is Asus quality going down hill?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Jordan, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan Guest

    I have been using Asus MoBos for many years. I still have my A7V
    boards and earlier in test stations that have been running perfectly
    for years.

    This past year I have to describe the quality of the new mainbords as
    very poor. In the past 12 months I purchased 8-10 of the M2V boards.
    The all had some glitch that has made them not usable with a
    particular PCI card that we need to run some of our test equipment.
    We had to reduce the 4000+ chips to about 3200+ speeds just to get the
    equipment to work.

    After that we figured it might be the VIA chipset so we switched to
    the M2N for the next batch of 6. We configure all the computers
    exactly the same way - By using Microsoft's RIS server to
    automatically install everything. Well one board would not get past
    "Starting Windows" in text mode so I did a manual install to see what
    could be the issue. Well despite this board being the same Rev, same
    BIOS, same jumpers on the board and a line by line compare of the
    BIOS, this board would only load a different nVidia driver for the
    drive controller. Both board had the exact same PCI hardware ID for
    the SATA controllers, but on set would load NVATA.sys and the other
    would only work wit NVATABUS.SYS. How the heck does that happen????

    Now I just started using the M3A boards and not a single one in the
    batch were able to reboot after being used for a while. It turned out
    that I had to update the bios and downgrade the drivers of the NIC to
    keep the NIC from overheating. Now they appear to be working, but how
    could something like this not be caught?

    Now some of the board with the Attansic L1 Gigabit nic just have the
    NIC dissappear. It appears in the bios, but then it is gone after the
    board has been on for the day. Even when you reboot the bios shows it
    is on, but if you hit the F8 button for a boot selection it is not on
    the board.

    Am I just having really bad luck or is Asus just really going down
    hill lately?
    Jordan, Mar 22, 2008
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  2. Jordan

    Mark F. Guest

    Well I used ASUS in the past and there where great. This last motherboard
    P5nt Deluxe has left a really bad tast in my mouth.
    6 bios upgrades and it will only run for 8 to 16 hour before it locks
    I will never buy another one again. and tech support keeps just having me
    change some setting and call them back..
    I am done with these people.

    Mark F., Mar 23, 2008
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  3. Jordan

    Ed Guest

    As indicated in my post yesterday, I have not been able to get my
    A7N8X-X to boot.
    The onboard LED lights up when the switch on the power supply is
    turned on, but
    there is no response whatever to pressing the front panel button. The
    mobo I'm
    replacing is an IWill, and everything works fine with that board, so I
    know this has something to do
    with the A7N8X-X.

    Like you, I've been using another Asus board for years, a A7V266-E,
    ant it has been
    absolutely reliable. So, I'm thinking that Asus is on a down slide.

    Ed, Mar 23, 2008
  4. snip
    Agree 100% I would still use the P2B which I bought 2nd hand years ago
    if it hadn't been damaged by a faulty psu.I'm looking in general terms for a mb for a new build. Stability and
    reliability are my priorities. Which manufacturers currently have a good
    name for quality? (not interested in bleeding edge performance)
    Chris Holford, Mar 28, 2008
  5. Jordan

    Jordan Guest

    Shane, your a dope. These boards hardly came out a year ago so what
    is your genius advice - throw them out just because there a year
    old?. I would really love to know where YOU work because we know your
    products must be so overpriced. They have to be because you throw out
    your computers every six months. But then again you probably throw
    out your computers so fast because you think that everything sucks as
    bad as your products and you naturally think that your computer is
    going to break in the same amount of time.

    If you actually read the post you can see that the question is about
    an on going degrading quality issue from a company that has usually
    done so well. But seeing how you throw out your computers so fast at
    your company you probably didn't have a chance to read it properly as
    you were throwing your computer in the trash at the very moment you
    were typing.

    Maybe you should throw your comments in the trash because they are
    Jordan, Apr 2, 2008
  6. Jordan

    Jordan Guest

    Yes Chris the P2B and the 440BX chipset - those were the good old days
    where you didn't have to flash your bios 4 to 5 times and find that
    exact combination of chipset driver to match.

    Now on boards like the M3A I have to use the latest Beta bios and the
    drivers from the previous MFG of the onboard NIC just to keep the
    chipset from overheating.

    It appears that that Asus is really not what they used to be. Any
    recommendations on vendors with reliable track records and who can
    keep their product lines active for more than 3 months. Unlike Shane
    that can just throw out his computer once a week we sometimes need to
    replicate a system 6 or 9 months later and we don't want to have to go
    to referbs.
    Jordan, Apr 2, 2008
  7. Jordan

    Bob Guest

    If you want reliable boards that don't have a lot of extras then buy Intel.
    They do it by the book.
    Bob, Apr 2, 2008
  8. Jordan

    Paul Guest

    Intel doesn't manufacture their own motherboards. This isn't the best
    reference, but on one of the other sites (Digitimes?), occasionally
    you'll see an announcement about OEM contracts.

    "Before that Foxconn produced plenty of OEM motherboards and even manufactured
    Intel Desktop Boards"

    The contract varies from year to year, as to who makes the Intel Desktop boards.
    It is possible Asus made them at one time.

    All it would take, is a clause in the contract, that addresses defectivity, for
    improved testing to be done before shipping. If component costs are the same, all
    manufacturers are using China for cheapest labor, the only other thing they can
    cheat on, is the testing step. (Same goes for DIMM manufacturing, where testing
    is a step you can dispense with.)

    Even amongst the cheapest of the cheap motherboards, sometimes a brand "X" board
    is made by a competitor "Y". So there can always be surprises out there, as to
    who actually made a board.

    I would say, that companies will vary in their degree of success, in moving to
    China. Some will try to "shave too much of the quality" out of their product,
    in the name of a few extra cents of profit. It takes a while, but eventually
    people notice, and the word gets around.

    Paul, Apr 2, 2008
  9. Jordan

    Bob Guest

    I used to use Asus boards exclusively and I had a problem with one board and
    decided to try Intel. On one of my machines I have been using a Intel
    D875PBZ without a hitch for over 3 years. I suppose any board can go bad.
    Bob, Apr 2, 2008
  10. Jordan

    Arno Wagner Guest

    I would say downhill. I have a M2N32WS professional. The only
    professional thing about this board is its name. It has serious
    BIOS problems up to rev.15. It configures 4 RAM modules
    with the temination settings for one. It overheats without
    forced cooling.

    Personally, ASUS is now a second-tier vendor for me. Unfortunately
    there do not really seem to be any first-tier vendors left.

    Arno Wagner, Apr 3, 2008
  11. OK, so where do you go for your boards nowadays?
    Chris Holford, Apr 3, 2008
  12. Jordan

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Somewhere on teh intarweb "" typed:
    And yet, having bought two Asus boards* that have been trouble-free in the
    last year, I will continue to buy their boards in future.

    (*) I'll only buy Intel chipsets for Intel CPUs though, seems there's more
    trouble with other chipsets.
    ~misfit~, Apr 4, 2008
  13. Jordan

    John Guest

    ..>would only work wit NVATABUS.SYS. How the heck does that happen????
    A few months ago, I asked a friend of mine -- a much more experienced
    system builder than me -- who he liked for mobos. He said there were
    only two names he'd consider: Asus and Gigabyte. His most recent
    build was a Gigabyte, he recommended Asus from past experience, but
    hasn't used them recently.

    Out of curiosity, I took a look in the Gigabyte NG. There are_way_
    fewer gripes and problem reports there than there are here.

    Maybe it's because GB sells way fewer boards than Asus, I honestly
    don't know. But maybe it's not?

    Reply-to address is real
    John, Apr 7, 2008
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