Is ASUS tech support in US really bad?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Sergio Borrero, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Or is it me?
    I've called them on separate occasions for two products (Pundit and PC-DL
    Deluxe) and they say that they'll call back and they have never done it.
    Their online HelpDesk is bad too. They reply with canned messages that have
    nothing to do with the described problems.
    Sergio Borrero, Feb 22, 2004
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  2. Sergio Borrero

    Ken Fox Guest

    Ken Fox, Feb 23, 2004
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  3. Sergio Borrero

    Ken Fox Guest

    Let me elaborate; I know this has been recently addressed in another thread
    having to do with the board I own, a P4P800 Deluxe.

    Speaking only for myself, I will not buy another Asus mobo, probably only
    Asus products that are either clearly working or clearly defective, such as
    an optical drive or (what I also have now) one of their video cards.

    Asus used to stand out as the premier mfr. of mobos; in my opinion, this is
    no longer true. My P4P800D is by no means a disaster, but it ain't
    wonderful, either. I continue to have issues with USB devices (that I'd
    thought were solved but they are not). In my opinion there is a problem
    with the way they have interfaced their USB ports on this board with the
    system bus or the bios. How else can you explain that they seem to agree
    there is a problem (see their comments on the 1015 bios update). They seem
    to release Bioses that are not fully tested. I've found that if I do flash
    a bios the only way to really get it to work (as well as it WILL work, not
    perfectly) is to always remove the CMOS battery then short the jumpers then
    put the battery back in. I might be willing to do that with this board that
    I have so much stomach lining invested in, but I won't do it again. Even
    so, every 3 or 4 times I reboot with the 1015 bios I get a screen that shows
    that my clearly specified boot order has been changed and the system is
    trying to boot from a nonbootable drive even though I've told it 8 times now
    there is only one hard drive that is bootable and I've put this drive, only
    this drive, in the boot menu. So then I have to boot up into setup and do
    it all again. Pi** on them!

    I've called Asus America tech support on 3 different issues. The first time
    I got a knowledgeable and helpful person who resolved my issue, which was an
    assembly error on my part. In my defense, the diagram in the manual was
    hugely confusing, and the tech support guy told me he gets calls all day
    long about this particular issue. The 2 other times were disastrous, with
    the first of these resulting in an hour on the phone mostly on hold time and
    then having the tech support person, who had my phone number, intentionally
    hang up on me because he did not want to try to help me to resolve my bios
    problem. He had my phone number, in fact he asked me for it, and 5 minutes
    into the call he hung up on me. I left my line open for half an hour and he
    made no attempt to call back. When I called Asus back, there was no record
    of that call even though they did have my "case number."

    Then I had to call again, waste another 30 minutes on the phone, and when
    the guy I spoke with (basically the guy who takes your intial complaint then
    forwards you into the next line for a real tech person) told me I should
    just pay Asus $25 to get them to send me a new bios chip. All these calls
    were "on my dime," as Asus does not have toll free tech support.

    I don't hate this company but I don't love them either. My old P4B266 board
    gave me a lot less trouble and at the time I used it I had a lot more
    respect for this company. They have just become another commodity player in
    the marketplace.

    I think the era of building your own system has become overly time consuming
    and expensive; it lacks the obvious benefits that one got in the past.
    Better to buy some very basic preassembled system for bottom dollar and
    flush it out with the cards and components you really want. To hell with
    Asus. Maybe there is a better mobo company out there, maybe Abit, not sure.
    But Asus has gotten about as much money out of me as they will ever get,
    except for the peripherals I mentioned above.

    Ok, so there is the argument about the quality of the board and how long it
    will last. Trust me, the board will become obsolete due to software or
    hardware issues a long time before it breaks down, assuming it worked in the
    first place.

    Just my opinion.

    Ken Fox, Feb 23, 2004
  4. Sergio Borrero

    rstlne Guest

    Well said..
    You know I will continue to buy ASUS Products but I do feel the same way as
    you. ONCE You feel the Wrath of companys like MSI or even the companys that
    only sell products PCCHIPS then you might revisit the idea of leaving asus
    ;).. But one of your statements was probably the best advice to anyone..
    Dump all of the extras, get a basic board, and kit it out for what you
    I remember the days of IO Cards to add a hard drive.. Pain in the ass to
    configure but they worked, and once configured (via a hard jumper) then they
    were pretty damn good.
    My a7n8x Delux is the same way.. It has problems that ASUS dont talk about..
    MSI Say that their 6330 range of boards (ver 1,2,3 and probably upwards
    more) were crap (Try to find someone who bought one, and still says it
    works) but MSI said that there was never a fault with them..
    Antec cases have screw'd up USB Connector PCB's and they have known about it
    for a LONG time yet the new cases still get the old Boards (not to mention
    that their booklets have the wrong color codes described plus there are more
    wires than they will admit, I count 8 antec, sorry sir there are only 6)..

    It's what we get these days I think.. I'll never go to MSI because they
    refuse to Honor a warranty (They even said the unit was under warranty but
    they dont do warranty repairs in the UK) and Next time I get a case I dont
    know if I'll stick with Antec (nice heafty cases, but absolutely 0 support)
    rstlne, Feb 23, 2004
  5. Don't know if we're talking about the same issue but I too have an Antec
    case that came with USB ports that weren't USB 2.0 compliant. It's a small
    circuit board with USB and Firewire ports on it that sits just above the
    front case fans behind a plastic swivel flap. Never tried it with USB 1.0
    but it certainly didn't work properly with my 2.0 CF reader. Used my
    mulitester and confirmed that it was hooked up correctly. Liked the case so
    much that I removed the connectors from their board, designed and built a
    same size 2.0 compliant board (no passive components, shorter tracks and
    massive ground planes on both sides) that worked flawlessly. Unfortunately,
    after installing and hooking up my heavily shielded Firewire cable to it, I
    realized that it wasn't supported properly at all where and how Antec went
    about mounting things. Something would soon break. Abandoned it and got an
    Enermax fan controller with USB 2.0 and Firewire ports. It too works

    I suspect there are quite a few poorly designed USB boards claiming to be
    USB 2.0 compliant and are not. Came across a brand, Kouwell, with a
    "Firewire & USB 2.0 Ports in 3.5 inch Bay" product that uses the same design
    as the Antec board (long tracks and passive components). It too does not
    work properly.
    Derek Hawkins, Feb 24, 2004
  6. Sergio Borrero

    Ed Guest

    All I did was call Antec's 1-800#, ask for tech support and had the new
    part in 2 days, no hassles, cost me $0.00. ;p

    Ed, Feb 24, 2004
  7. Sergio Borrero

    crypto Guest

    Me too. I simply emailed Antec and in a week, I had a new USB 2.0
    circuitboard for my 1080 Plus case and it cost me nothing. I will buy
    another Antec case because of this sort of support.
    crypto, Feb 24, 2004
  8. Sergio Borrero

    Ken Fox Guest

    if we were to get a few posts about Asus support being this helpful, I'd
    reconsider my opinion.

    But we won't, and as a result, I won't buy another Asus mobo.

    Asus is branching out into all sorts of things, or at least now some of
    their other stuff is being imported into the US. I am talking about, for
    example, their notebook(s) and SFF boxes including the interesting Digimax.

    Would I touch this stuff with a 10 foot pole? Not now, based on my recent
    experience with this company. It will probably be of good to very good
    quality, and if there are no problems the buyer will be happy. If there are
    problems, however, the support is not there.

    I'd leave Asus to the multi system assemblers. Presumably, people who build
    a large number of Asus-mobo based systems per year have ways to cut through
    the haze with this company, but I, at least, could not be bothered trying
    anymore. My own experiences plus frequent posts about 3 month waits for
    returned warranty parts, is enough to convince me that my time as an Asus
    customer is drawing to a close.

    Ken Fox, Feb 25, 2004
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