Is Intel RAID From Precision 370 / 380 / 390 Available As Standalone Controller?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Will, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Will

    Will Guest

    The Precision series Dell workstations have a fantastic built in SATA RAID
    system from Intel that is unique in its ability to assign each SATA drive
    port as either RAID or JBOD. The inability to use JBOD drives with RAID
    controllers has always been their main negative feature for me, and this
    system appears to overcome that very well.

    My question is does Dell, Intel, or anyone else sell a standalone SATA RAID
    adapter with PCI or PCIE bus that uses the same Intel Management
    applications and drivers as do the built in RAID on the Precisions? What
    makes and models should I be looking for?
    Will, Jul 18, 2007
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  2. Hi!

    The Intel RAID probably isn't available by itself. As far as I'm aware,
    Intel doesn't market standalone drive controller chipsets. Their drive
    controllers are built into motherboard chipsets.

    I recently purchased a HighPoint RocketRAID 2310 adapter (uses the PCI-E
    bus). One of the features printed on the carton is JBOD mode. I don't know
    how well or if it works, as I'm using mine as a RAID-1 adapter.

    William R. Walsh, Jul 18, 2007
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