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Is Nvdia GeForce FX 5200 good enough for my purposes?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by docsavage20, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. docsavage20

    docsavage20 Guest

    Not a gaming nut but have some older games I've had lying around and
    decided to give a try. Myth II Demo, Hitman2 (demo? Came bundled with
    an Audigy sound card), Half Life Day One, Novalogic F-16/F-22/Mig-29
    combat sims.

    I just got this P4 2.4 Gig machine primarily to do video editing and it
    came with a GeForce FX 5200 128 meg agp card. Is there significantly
    more quality that a newer card would reveal or will this card make
    games of this vintage look/run as good as they're going to? Using a MAG
    17-inch monitor.

    Having fooled with the games a little, I don't have any complaints,
    just curious. Looking at the Hitman2 game, I'm actually kind of amazed
    at the detail. I noticed that if you look up at the clouds, they
    actually crawl slowly by, stuff like that. I've tried the various
    graphic settings on the game, the card seems to handle what I gather
    are the high detail settings.
    docsavage20, Aug 2, 2006
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  2. docsavage20

    mmaker Guest

    The 5200 is useless for new games (just look at all the complaints
    about Oblivion and FX cards, for example), but it should be OK for most
    old games at low resolutions. If you're getting decent frame-rates with
    maximum detail settings, the only difference you're likely to see with
    a faster card is the ability to run at higher resolution or with
    anti-aliasing (or both). My 7800GS, for example, runs most games up to
    Half-Life 2 at 2048x1536 with 4xAA at decent frame-rates.

    mmaker, Aug 2, 2006
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  3. docsavage20

    James Guest

    I bought my fx5200 some time ago and it came with a copy of Far Cry.
    Looking back that was pretty optimistic - it wasn't very good for that
    game. But it worked fine with Call of Duty, Medal of Honor series etc.
    It kicked butt with serious sam.

    James, Aug 2, 2006
  4. docsavage20

    sgtdisturbed Guest

    I used the FX 5200 for about a year, and I never had any problems. I
    could easily play Hitman, Hitman 2, and Hitman Contracts with medium
    settings. My old computer had this card (Compaq 1.6 GHz, 1 gig RAM),
    and I played a bunch of games with it without problems, no crashing, no
    locking up, no freezing or "crash to desktop". I can say with
    confidence that it is a reliable card for games from 2001-2003. I
    bought an FX 5600 mid 2003, and had a decent performance boost, and
    could play some more games that had come out during that time. The
    games that I successfully ran with these 2 cards are Return to Castle
    Wolfenstein (and Enemy Territory add-on), Hitman 1,2, and 3, Medal of
    Honor Allied Assault and one of the expansions, Call of Duty, Max Payne
    1 and 2, Enter the Matrix, Postal 2, The Sims, Battlefield 1942 and
    expansions, Battlefield Vietnam, and easily played Counter Strike and
    Day of Defeat, and the early Half-Life. I have never had any problems
    with any of the games, except that at times I would have to turn down
    the graphics a bit, but the game would still run smooth without
    problems. In my experience, the FX 5200 and 5600 are very solid,
    reliable cards for low to medium-end gaming. Make sure you have a gig
    of RAM to run them well, and at least a 1.6 GHz processor to run them.
    So the answer is YES, the FX 5200 will run some older games, but I
    suggest getting a FX 5600, it will cost you anywhere form 30-50 bucks
    these days. Happy gaming :)
    sgtdisturbed, Aug 2, 2006
  5. docsavage20

    pc games Guest

    The FX 5200 is a almost 4 year old technology that was a
    failure in the time it was released (failure meaning it lost
    against the equivalent ATI card at the time of release)

    So not at all recommended for games.
    Obviously it will run fine any game released prior to 2000,
    but don't you want to try some newer games? and beside a
    P4 2.4GHz CPU "deserves" a much better graphic card.
    If you are short on cash the best choice would be a 6600.
    You can find one easily bellow 100 bucks and it would make
    a whole lot of difference to your current 5200, at least
    5x times more horsepower.
    If you have some more cash you could try to find a 6600 GT
    which you can probably find for less than 150 bucks.
    Now if you have more cash you could go for the best AGP GPU
    in the market the 7800GS which costs 300 bucks.

    There is a possibility Nvidia release a 7600 for the AGP,
    which hasn't happen yet, so if you decide to change cards
    I would recommend you waiting one month and in September
    see if a 7600 is released and what the price if not choose
    any of the 3 options I gave you.

    Seriously for games you really need another card, cause I
    can't believe you will play 5 year old games forever.
    pc games, Aug 2, 2006
  6. docsavage20

    docsavage20 Guest

    Failure? The games I have seem to play with it.
    Perhaps when I win the lottery and have an infinite amount of time to
    play video games. I'm pretty sure what I have now will fulfill my video
    game yen for some time to come. I'm not even close to mastering any of
    Even less cost would be using what I already have.
    I'm sure newer cards would be better for newer games, but my question
    is would any of these more exotic cards make the games I already have
    look any better? It would appear the answer is no.
    Not forever. I'll probably only live to 100 or so.
    docsavage20, Aug 2, 2006
  7. docsavage20

    Shawk Guest

    Card's fine for most of those games but you might struggle with the
    flight sims. I haven't played the sims you have but the one's I've
    tried (IL2 series) do seem to be fairly demanding on the graphics
    card... long draw distances maybe? If those games grab your fancy and
    you think you might want to get into them then a post in a flight sim
    newsgroup might get you more experienced responses than mine. If you
    try them and they're not to your taste (flight sims turned out to not be
    to mine) then the card you have will last you a while.
    Shawk, Aug 2, 2006
  8. * pc games:
    For a "failure" it sold quite well. And at least the FX5200 is Dx9
    compatible while ATIs pedants (Radeon 9000 and 9200) are not.
    BS. The FX5200 might be slow but it's useable for games much newer than
    from 2000. A friend of mine used one to play HL² on it. He was satisfied
    so it must have been ok...
    Yeah, right. A 300$ gfx card for a slow old P4 2.4GHz. That makes sense
    - not...
    For current games he not only wants a better gfx card but also a better
    computer, so this point is mood. But despite your claims the FX5200 is
    totally fine except for the latest games, and unlike your statements it
    also fits the P4 2.4GHz CPU quite well. Especially since he already has
    that card, so what?

    Benjamin Gawert, Aug 3, 2006
  9. docsavage20

    Cuzman Guest


    " I just got this P4 2.4 Gig machine primarily to do video editing and
    it came with a GeForce FX 5200 128 meg agp card. Is there significantly
    more quality that a newer card would reveal or will this card make games
    of this vintage look/run as good as they're going to? Using a MAG
    17-inch monitor. "

    The FX5200 is in the slowest league of DirectX 9 cards. Most new games
    have varying quality settings, and these may default to the lowest
    settings with an FX5200 in order to supply playable framerates. You
    could be missing out on a lot compared to better cards in newer games.

    There is also the issue with the FX5200 that it could be a 64-bit or a
    128-bit card. Both versions were released, and the 64-bit was
    considerably worse.

    Read this comparison. http://tomshardware.co.uk/2004/10/04/vga_charts_iv/

    Run 3DMark03. http://www.futuremark.com/download/3dmark03/ Then compare
    your system to the FX5200 score in the VGA Charts. The other components
    in your system will lower the score a little compared to the 1550
    achieved with a 3.2GHz P4, but you should still get over 1000 at
    1024x768 with a 128-bit FX5200.

    Look at the framerates for the games in the article and you'll see just
    how low the FX5200 scores. For instance, Far Cry at 1024x768 on very
    high quality only gets 3.7 frames-per-second with a 3.2GHz P4. You
    would get even less.
    Cuzman, Aug 3, 2006
  10. docsavage20

    Doc Guest

    I appreciate the tip, but at 178 megs, not going to be happening with my
    dialup connection.
    Doc, Aug 3, 2006
  11. docsavage20

    Gil Guest

    Had an FX5200, it's not really good for anything. Sold mine a week
    after I bought it.

    Gil, Aug 3, 2006
  12. docsavage20

    DRS Guest

    I downloaded 3DMark06 (590MB) over my dial-up. That's what download
    managers like GetRight are for. You can throttle them back so you can keep
    working on the net or you can let them go overnight while you sleep. As
    long as the server supports resuming, which 99% do these days, it doesn't
    matter how often you stop and start it. It'll get there in the end. The
    only real problem can be those moronic game download sites that use a
    session id in the link.
    DRS, Aug 4, 2006
  13. docsavage20

    neoflee Guest

    I play battlefield 2 with mine, at the lowest settings though. Some of
    the newer games comming out will not support it at all because its just
    too slow for the newer graphics. I have just now started having
    problems with mine heating up really bad, and finally it fried the
    other day. I purchaed an x1600 512 mb ddr2 agp off of ebay for under
    130.00 wich is a really good price. For what your playing its fine. As
    long as you are ok with the quality you are getting. who cares?,
    neoflee, Aug 4, 2006
  14. docsavage20

    flash_gordon Guest

    After buying Oblivion a couple of months ago and finding that the specs were
    under rated, I upgraded from a 5200FX --> XFX 6800XT.
    My P4 2.8 (OS XP) came alive with the new AGP card. At the time I also got 2
    sticks 512 DDR 3200 Corsair ram too.(originally 512 of genric ram).

    I don't consider myself a gamer, I'm a web developer actually, but like
    playing a few games. However, the upgrade has certainly made a huge
    Now able to play Oblivion without it jerking and with a decent f/r +
    actually play the game with some nice eye candy too.

    FEAR I can play with just about everything at MAX @ 800x600 which I'm happy

    Overall I'm very happy and spent around $320AUD all up.
    flash_gordon, Aug 4, 2006
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