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Discussion in 'Asus' started by Shaun, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun Guest

    Does anybody have an ASUS P4S533 with 2x512(1GB) strips of PC2700(or
    greater) ram running
    successfully? I know that the motherboard can only support 4 banks of pc2700
    I can't seem to find any 512mb modules that use only 2 banks. If you are,
    could you tell
    me the type of RAM, brand, model, where you bought it, and any other
    information you
    think is relevant?

    I've been so scared to just up and order some ram from newegg.

    Let me know,

    Thanks ,
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    Shaun, Jun 23, 2003
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  2. Shaun

    Paul Guest

    I don't have your board, but the 2x512 MB PC2700 memory is reported to be
    occupying Banks 0-3 on my A7V333 (at least according to SiSoftware Sandra). I
    am using DDR modules using Samsung chips. I may have been mislead, but I was
    under the impression that the majority of the DDR modules were organized so that
    each side occupied a bank (or row as Asus calls it in my User's manual). If
    that is the case, then the most you could squeeze onto a module are two banks.

    Paul, Jun 23, 2003
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  3. Shaun

    Bob Knowlden Guest

    As an alternative, try They are the retail arm of Micron

    While I never needed to use their guarantees, they supposedly warrant
    compatibility of memory purchased through their memory configurator. They
    have a specific listing for the P4S533:

    (will wrap).

    The page includes 512 MB DIMMs at PC2100, PC2700, and PC3200. It also
    includes the note:

    "This motherboard supports a maximum of 3GB of memory when using PC2100 or
    slower memory. When using PC2700 or faster the motherboard only supports two
    modules at that speed for a maximum of 2GB. If 3 PC2700 parts are installed,
    they operate at 266 MHz."

    The DIMMs aren't specifically described as having two banks each, I suppose
    that they do. (I thought that all standard DDR DIMMs used either one or two
    banks each. Am I mistaken?) I believe that as long as you're content with
    two 512 modules, you ought to be safe.

    I never ran two 512 MB PC2700 modules in my P4S533, so I can't comment on
    the experience. I'm currently running two generic Samsung 512 MB PC3200
    DIMMs, but in a P4P800 (dual channel) board.

    Good luck.

    Bob Knowlden

    Spam dodger may be in use. Replace nkbob with bobkn.
    Bob Knowlden, Jun 23, 2003
  4. Shaun

    Paul Guest

    The manual says you can run three double sided DIMMs at PC2100 or
    PC1600 (DDR266 or DDR200). You can use two double sided DIMMs at
    PC2700 (DDR333), the limit being that the signal quality prevents
    a third module from being used.

    If you blindly just order a 512MB module from the Internet, chances
    are it will be double sided. Each side is a "row", in Asus terminology.
    So, two of most of the modules you can find, should work if they are
    rated for PC2700 or faster.

    If, on the other hand, you insist on running three 512MB modules
    at PC2700, then I have seen mention of _one_ module in the Intel
    DDR400 qualified memory list, that is single sided. I cannot find
    that module for sale on the Internet. Samsung has announced
    512Megabit memory chips in January, and these are required to
    construct a non-stacked unbuffered memory module like that,
    consisting of (8) 64Mx8 chips. Samsung itself is making modules of
    1GB size, that are double sided, and one of those, plus one 512MB
    double sided, could be used to get 1.5GB of memory in just two slots.
    Again, those modules are not shipping to end customers yet (but, of
    course, Asus can get samples of the module if they want).

    So, using 2x512MB double sided at PC2700 (DDR333) sounds doable,
    and shouldn't be a particular problem. You should have many choices
    available to you for this config. Finding the right modules to do
    more than 1GB total will be tougher.

    In terms of prices, Crucial lists a 1GB PC2100 module for you board
    for $326, while a 512MB PC2700 module is $70. So, based on price,
    2x512MB is going to be a lot cheaper than trying to build a larger
    memory config.

    Kingston has a 1GB PC2700 Cas Latency 2.5 DIMM for only $799.00 :)

    Paul, Jun 23, 2003
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