Discussion in 'Asus' started by richard, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. richard

    richard Guest


    I have connect my headphone in front panel and i have sound only in one
    I have p5ad2 premium with Cmédia !

    some1 can help me ?

    richard, Jan 4, 2005
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  2. richard

    Paul Guest

    The AAFP 2x5 header is not the same as previous FP_AUDIO
    headers. There are no return lines, and there are fewer
    wires to be connected. For AC97, use Line_out_R, Line_out_L
    and the AGND signal, to run headphones. For a microphone,
    use MIC2, MICPWR, and AGND. No connections are required
    to the other pins on the header. If you have wires left
    over, from the front panel, leave them unconnected to

    This is the current version of the Intel I/O spec. Page
    21 shows the AC97 definitions.


    This is the only copy I can find of the original AC97 header
    definition. Notice how Intel just changed a few of the
    pin definitions.

    http://www.minmaw.com/FPIO_Design_Guideline_final v10.pdf

    Stick with the Asus pinout information in the manual,
    and you should be able to get the headphones working.
    If you still cannot get a signal from one of the
    channels, you may need to RMA the board under

    Paul, Jan 5, 2005
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  3. richard

    richard Guest

    richard, Jan 5, 2005
  4. richard

    richard Guest

    richard, Jan 5, 2005
  5. richard

    richard Guest

  6. richard

    Paul Guest

    Yes, you should be using the AC97 audio pin definition.
    Remember to select AC97 definition in the BIOS
    "Front Panel Support Type" on page 4-27.

    MIC-IN ---------> MIC2 X X AGND <-------- GND
    MIC-VCC -------> MICPWR X X NC
    EAR-R -----> Line_out_R X X NC
    NC X
    EAR-L -----> Line_out_L X X NC

    There will be an EAR-R and an EAR-L left over and
    they should not be connected to anything. Only one
    EAR-R and EAR-L need to be connected, and the others
    can be left dangling.

    Paul, Jan 5, 2005
  7. richard

    richard Guest

    hi paul

    i've connected same at 3.4 of
    page 12

    MIC-IN ---------> MIC2 X X AGND <-------- GND
    MIC-VCC -------> MICPWR X X NC
    EAR-R -----> Line_out_R X X bline out R => disconnect that ?
    NC X
    EAR-L -----> Line_out_L X X bline out L => disconnect that ?

    bline out are useless ??

    richard, Jan 6, 2005
  8. richard

    richard Guest

    and if i connect sound system (3.1 , 5.1 ) in rear panel and if after i
    connect headphones in front panel without disconnect the sound system
    of rear panel
    the sound system of rear panel stop ???

    richard, Jan 6, 2005
  9. richard

    Paul Guest

    If you look in the Asus manual for the P5AD2, the bline_out
    pins are no longer provided. The Azalia sense lines are
    connected there now.

    The old way of doing AC'97 was like this:
    (The Damier case doesn't have the switch, and shorts the
    line_out and bline_out together.)

    \ headphone_mute_contacts
    ___. \.___ (switch opens when headphones
    / \ are plugged in)
    | |
    sound_chip----X X-------------- rear_lineout_connector
    line_out bline_out

    The old way of doing things was for some extra contacts on the
    headphone jack on the front panel, to mute the output of the
    rear (lime colored) lineout jack on the back of the computer.
    When the headphone was plugged in, the "switch" shown above
    opens, and then sound no longer comes out on the rear lineout

    I suspect the Azalia AC'97 header looks like this, because
    otherwise there would be no way to get a signal on lineout
    on the back of the computer.

    \ headphone_mute_contacts
    ___. \.___ (Not connected)
    sound_chip--+----X X +------ rear_lineout_connector
    | line_out nc |
    | |
    (wired inside motherboard)

    What this would mean, is the rear lineout connector would not
    have a mute function. The headphone and the rear lineout would
    always have a signal on them. The extra contact would not be

    Please test this function and report what you find. I.e. With
    the extra wires unconnected to anything, plug speakers into
    Lineout on the rear of the computer, and see if they get
    a signal while the headphones are also plugged into the
    front of the computer. That will prove or disprove the
    theory in the second picture.

    By the way, your Damier case does not have a mute function,
    and the bline_out and line_out are shorted together
    permanently, so that there is a signal on the headphones
    and the rear lineout all the time. Some other computer
    cases have the headphone_mute_contacts shown above, and
    then the line_out and bline_out use completely separated

    Paul, Jan 6, 2005
  10. richard

    Paul Guest

    That is a good question. The C-Media 9880 chip has eight
    stereo general purpose ports on it. Two ports would be
    used for Mic_in and Line_in. Four ports would be used
    for front, rear, center/sub, and side speakers. That
    leaves two ports. The motherboard itself has a "CD"
    audio header, leaving one port. It is possible that
    the one leftover port is used solely to drive the
    AAFP header headphone output. But only by testing
    (plug in headphones, listen to see if lineout speakers
    on the rear of the computer are stopped) will we
    know if that is how Asus hooked them up.

    Paul, Jan 6, 2005
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