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Itanium experts- Building Itanium 1 systems from old parts

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Matt Simis, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. Matt Simis

    Matt Simis Guest


    Id like to build an old Itanium 1 system. Ive seen cheap Itanium 1 CPUs
    floating around, usually from (then) CPQ or HP servers, supplied with what
    appears to be VRM and heatsinks (no fans).

    The problem is, of course, sourcing motherboards to put these into. Im
    looking into perhaps salvaging an old Dell Precision 730 motherboard, but
    since these CPUs explicitly state "Compaq CPU upgrade" (or similar), Im
    wondering if Dell, CPQ and the rest use standard mountings (like the way P4s
    have a standard socket and heatsink mount) or each have different OEM

    Any other suggestions on where to find Itanium 1 motherboards welcome.


    PS: Is there the best newsgroup to post this?
    PPS: Im already familar with Itanium 1's performance!? :p
    Matt Simis, Dec 18, 2003
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  2. Matt Simis

    Alex Johnson Guest

    Fortunately for you, all the OEMs didn't feel like pouring money into
    developing Itanium 1 systems and boards after intel told them it would
    release an incompatible and far superior Itanium 2 12 months later. So
    all the Itanium boards (except HP) were 100% intel manufactured, and
    thus identical. HP probably designed their own, knowing the HP systems

    This is the best newsgroup I can think of for this topic.

    I was going to adopt some Itanium servers my group was retiring (to the
    dumpster). Unfortunately they were the insane rack mount versions, not
    the workstations. About 150 pounds each and require 2 20 Amp lines for
    power. For each 4P system!

    Alex Johnson, Dec 18, 2003
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  3. Matt Simis

    Matt Simis Guest

    Fortunately for you, all the OEMs didn't feel like pouring money into
    Good stuff thanks. You didnt happen to salvage any of the parts from the
    dumped Itaniums did you? :)
    Btw, just to confirm, when you say incompatible you are referring to HW
    wise, software wise IA64 is IA64 right?

    Matt Simis, Dec 18, 2003
  4. Matt Simis

    Alex Johnson Guest

    No, I did not salvage any of the parts (and they haven't gotten rid of
    them yet either...that happens in 2.5 months). Don't even ask if I can
    grab something for you, the deal was I could take them only to be used
    personally by me.

    I did mean hardware wise that Itanium 2 is incompatible with Itanium.
    The two systems, in fact all systems, are fully backward compatible for
    software. There might be forward compatibility issues down the line,
    but then you can't run Pentium optimized code on a 486, either. But
    keep in mind, optimize code for Merced because if you optimize for
    McKinley the timing differences could produce slower code on your system
    by causing resource contention. McKinley has more execution units.

    Alex Johnson, Dec 19, 2003
  5. Matt Simis

    Rick Jones Guest

    It was always my understanding that the rx4610 (1-4 CPU Itanium1
    server) was an Intel designed motherboard and the i2000 (1-2 CPU
    workstation IIRC) was also. Various large feline names come to mind
    for the system codenames.

    rick jones
    Rick Jones, Dec 19, 2003
  6. Matt Simis

    Matt Simis Guest

    Thanks for the help guys. Ive heard back from my contact that Dell didnt
    release an Itanium system in my region (Europe), so thats screwed up that
    plan somewhat. Anyone got any idea on another source for an old Itanium

    Matt Simis, Dec 20, 2003
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