It's thermal paste not thermal grease, n00b

Discussion in 'Asus' started by SunnyB, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. SunnyB

    SunnyB Guest

    Thermal paste is a compound used on electronic components to help transfer
    heat from the component to an attached heatsink. Plain, simple, white
    thermal paste has been in use for twenty plus years. Arctic Silver markets
    a form of thermal paste that contains a silver oxide that supposedly
    conducts heat better because of the silver (?) content.

    Thermal grease is the thick petroleum based goop that is used on your car to
    lubricate the wheel bearings. it has a high viscosity rating needed to
    withstand the extreme temperatures produced by the friction between


    SunnyB, Aug 5, 2003
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  2. SunnyB

    jaeger Guest

    It's Thermal Compound. Thermal Paste is usually a semi-permanent two-
    part epoxy.
    jaeger, Aug 5, 2003
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  3. SunnyB

    i'm_tired Guest


    I really hate to point you to the fact that you are clueless, but it had to
    be done. Think of it as an intervention. Next time you type anything
    intended for public post, please check the distance between your foot and
    your mouth.
    i'm_tired, Aug 5, 2003
  4. SunnyB

    rstlne Guest


    rstlne, Aug 5, 2003
  5. SunnyB

    SunnyB Guest

    The only one clueless is you, jackoff.
    You are probably one of these jerks that refer to thermal paste (compound
    see the first fucking line) as thermal grease.

    I don't give a good god-damn what you and these lame-ass pricks call it.
    Just because you can find it on Google doesn't make it correct.
    I'm sure you can be found on Google, hence "not correct".

    Furthermore, the only distance from my foot that you should be concerned
    about is the one from your ass. If you care to calculate that, I'm in
    Valdosta, Georgia.. Come get some. Unless you are too fucking tired.

    Hopefully this is a public fucking post.

    SunnyB, Aug 6, 2003
  6. SunnyB

    i'm_tired Guest

    SunnyB the stooooooopid hilbilly sister-fucker wiped the rot of his
    sisters crotch off his chin and went on sniffing his finger before blurting:
    So, you would like me to beleive that you know more about the matter
    referred to as 'thermal grease' than the fellows at or
    maximum pc magazine or pc world magazine or websters friggin dictionary? Or or or or or or techware labs

    HOW ABOUT INTEL????!!!! or AMD??"?!!!! .
    Yup. You made a complete ass of yourself again in public on the same
    subject. Turn off daddys computer and go down to the park and play with the
    other hillbilly know-nothings.
    I am certainly too tired to wipe the snot from the nose of some 12 year old
    hillbilly who just couldn't resist the lure of the pretty lights of daddy's
    computer. and indeed I would hate to get my ass filthy from close proximity
    to your toe-jam eating, finger-sniffing, slimy, unwashed, disgusting
    hillbilly self, let alone physical contact with any defined parts, you nasty
    little hillbilly bastard.

    You can go play now. Toddle off.
    i'm_tired, Aug 6, 2003
  7. SunnyB

    rstlne Guest

    And I thought I got pissed when I was proved wrong
    rstlne, Aug 6, 2003
  8. SunnyB

    J augley Guest

    So whats Thermal Interface material then?


    a language-challenged noob
    J augley, Aug 6, 2003
  9. SunnyB

    rstlne Guest

    I think that's a generic term for "Anything" that provides a thermal
    so the "thermal pads" and Artic Silver are both Thermal interfaces
    right? heh
    rstlne, Aug 6, 2003
  10. SunnyB

    J augley Guest

    Ahhh ok. Thx :))

    And thermonuclear global warfare?
    J augley, Aug 6, 2003
  11. SunnyB

    jaf Guest

    jaf, Aug 6, 2003
  12. SunnyB

    Ben Pope Guest

    Radiation alone should be fine - you don't require a medium for any


    Ben Pope, Aug 6, 2003
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