iTunes 11.0.3 Updated with Redesigned MiniPlayer

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Michelle Steiner, May 17, 2013.


    iTunes 11.0.3 Updated with Redesigned MiniPlayer
    Apple has released iTunes 11.0.3 with a number of playback and user
    interface improvements. At its heart, the MiniPlayer remains svelte, but it
    gains a track progress bar as well as visible volume/AirPlay control icon
    (previously, you needed to mouse over the MiniPlayer for this to appear).
    The volume icon appears if you are broadcasting audio to a single source,
    while the blue AirPlay icon appears if you have multiple audio streams

    If you clicked the MiniPlayer¹s album cover image in the previous
    incarnation of iTunes, a second window opened featuring the album cover and
    playback controls at the bottom while the MiniPlayer remained visible as
    well. But with iTunes 11.0.3, clicking the image simply expands the
    MiniPlayer into a larger album cover view (rather than opening a second
    window) and playback controls appear only when you mouse over the
    MiniPlayer. Additionally, clicking the three-line Up Next icon while in the
    expanded album art view displays the list at the bottom of the window.
    (Previously, this view was available only from the standalone MiniPlayer,
    and it was not available from the separate album art window). To exit the
    Up Next list, click the three-lined icon again. Additionally, clicking the
    album art box once more returns the MiniPlayer to its miniaturized form.

    The update also makes a welcome improvement to the way multi-disc album
    tracks are displayed in Albums view. Where previously all tracks flowed in
    succession from one disc to the next without any demarcation, iTunes 11.0.3
    separates the tracks according to disc number. (The previous implementation
    was maddening when trying to sort out our Mozart and Stax/Volt collections
    with upwards of 14 discs in each set).

    If you use the Songs view, you can also now display artwork. Choose View >
    Show View Options (Command-J) and click the Show Artwork checkbox. This
    option on its own displays the album artwork in the Songs view only if
    there are several album tracks grouped together ‹ it definitely works
    better if you¹ve sorted Songs view by Artist or Album. However, clicking
    the Always Show checkbox displays the artwork even for single tracks, and
    you can use the Artwork Size slider to step down or up a size. (Slider is a
    bit of a misnomer, as you only get three size options ‹ small, medium, and

    Finally, Apple promises in its typically brief release notes that iTunes
    11.0.3 improves searching and sorting performance for large iTunes
    libraries. If you find any other ³enhancements² to the new iTunes, please
    let us know in the comments. It¹s available as a direct download from
    Apple¹s iTunes Web page (188 MB), via Software Update on systems prior to
    OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (194.1 MB), or via the App Store app on Mountain
    Lion (129 MB).

    Reading computer manuals without the hardware is as frustrating as reading
    sex manuals without the software.
    -- Clarke's sixth law
    Michelle Steiner, May 17, 2013
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