JetDirect 170x Goes Off Network

Discussion in 'HP' started by David Simon Bendory, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. Twice now I've had my JetDirect 170x disappear from the network. It
    flashes the status light indicating that no network is found.
    Disconnect / reconnect of network cable and power don't help.

    I printed the JetDirect settings to the printer to find that it was
    unable to find its dhcp server. The dhcp server was running fine and
    giving out addresses to other devices.

    I ran Ethereal and found that there was no traffice whatsoever coming
    from the JetDirect. I changed the network cable; no luck.

    Finally I power-cycled the hub that it connects to. That fixed it. Now
    this is the same hub that supports 2 other pc's, neither of which have
    any issue. Both pc's talk 100 MBit; the JetDirect is only 10. I wonder
    if there is an issue of it needing to renegotiate its network speed
    with the hub? The hub is an SMC 5604DS (which was running fine and had
    no error conditions).

    Note -- if you are replying to this message, make sure to remove the
    NOSPAM from my address.
    David Simon Bendory, Nov 2, 2003
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  2. David Simon Bendory

    Ben Myers Guest


    This might be a problem with the SMC or it could be the 170x. If the SMC hub is
    a true 10/100 device, it should have no trouble with devices of both speeds.

    My general rule of thumb, also followed by IT in a number of larger enterprises,
    is to assign fixed IP addresses to JetDirect and other networked printer
    devices, rather than relying on DHCP. Give it a try. I typically assign a
    block of IP addresses to the printer devices such as thru .60, then
    tell the DHCP server not to assign those addresses. I have a number of small to
    medium networks, up to 60 computers and printers, printing flawlessly with this
    scheme, including my own, the rest clients, some with very exotic high-end
    network printers and plotters... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Nov 2, 2003
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