K7N2G-ILSR... Back in its box

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Mathias Rousseau / LaCie Canada, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. All right... I think I spent enough time on this. Either I'm a complete
    idiot or the Mo/bo is actually defective. This is from far not the first
    machine a put together, but this board is giving me a serious headache now.

    After reading all your posts (thanks to you all), I tried, and tried, and
    tried... It will still not boot.

    Athlon TB 1,2Ghz
    Zalman Flower copper heatsink
    DVD-RW Pioneer A05
    2x WD 800JB Caviar hard drives 8MB buffer
    1x IBM Deskstar 46Go
    ATI Radeon 7000 PCI
    and the memory...

    All right... Apparently, the problem DOES come from the memory (the rear
    LEDs bracket also says that). The manual, and the MSI website says this
    motherboard supports the DDR400. It does NOT say (but I learned it from of
    of you guys) that this mobo will NOT support DDR400 is IGP port is used. The
    manual DOES NOT say that the clock will downscale to 333 if IGP is used.

    Memory compatibility? Tell me about it... I tried....
    - Samsung 512MB DDR400 PC3200 - Won't boot
    - KingMax 512MB DDR400 PC3200 - Won't boot
    - non-branded 128MB DDR266 PC2100 - Boots no problem... (??)

    So there is something that is just not right here. I tested the 2x 512
    modules in another older computer, and they work just fine. They just don't
    work with the K7N2G-ILSR.

    Besides, to be able to see my 3rd hard drive on the IDE3, I had to create a
    "fake" array in the Promise Bios with one drive (!!) so I could see it in
    windows. Is that not odd??

    This board is great, the sound quality especially is excellent, and it's
    also fully loaded... But it's like I can't get around this memory problem. I
    bring the whole thing back to the store to get some explanations, I still
    don't understand, neither does the store. I keep you posted.

    Note: I noticed that there was also a bug in the way the bios reports the
    CPU temperature. The value it indicates are WAY to high. This seems to be
    corrected in the Bios update v1,4.


    Mathias Rousseau / LaCie Canada, Jul 16, 2003
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  2. Mathias Rousseau / LaCie Canada

    Q Guest

    What power supply do you have? ISTR 300-350Watts being required.
    AMD's web site should be able to help.

    Good luck..
    Q, Jul 16, 2003
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  3. Good point... I forgot to mention. Thermaltake Silent PurePower TT-420AD -
    420W (I bought it recently)
    Mathias Rousseau / LaCie Canada, Jul 16, 2003
  4. Mathias Rousseau / LaCie Canada

    Inglo Guest

    Mathias Rousseau / LaCie Canada vomited forth on 7/16/2003 8:21 AM:
    Hey, ya know, sometimes the frickin' boards are just defective. And
    when that's the case it makes the stringent requirements and new
    terminology involved with the nForce2 chipset dual channel memory a true
    pain in the ass. You can spend a week dickin' around with different RAM
    only to find there's a problem with the motherboard, happened to me.
    Inglo, Jul 16, 2003
  5. Well it sounds like the motherboard has an issue... I actually work in
    computers and I've been tweaking around for years now... This issue is just
    not normal...
    Mathias Rousseau / LaCie Canada, Jul 16, 2003
  6. Mathias Rousseau / LaCie Canada

    Mike Levy Guest

    Just curious, you're using a T-bird 1.2 and trying to mate 400 Mhz FSB
    memory to it? Are you setting the memory and CPU bus speeds
    separately? That CPU is too slow to try and use 400 Mhz memory to its
    full speed, the FSB needed for the CPU is HALF that of the memory. I
    still don't see how the board would work with the memory FSB set to
    200 and the CPU set to 100, that's just too much of a difference. I
    assume you tried the memory at a slower clock?

    Mike Levy, Jul 16, 2003
  7. Well, I couldn't change anything as I couldn't even boot at all !! :/
    Mathias Rousseau / LaCie Canada, Jul 16, 2003
  8. Mathias Rousseau / LaCie Canada

    Q Guest

    Last try;??

    Clear cmos
    Have only video card in
    One memory stick at a time, different slots
    Remove motherboard from case, connected to power supply -- to
    determine if board shorted-out from underneath.

    Can't think of anything else right now...
    Q, Jul 17, 2003
  9. Hi,

    is there not a way to configure the memory while using the PC2100, then pop
    back in your new stuff and boot up?

    Wayne ][
    Wayne Youngman, Jul 17, 2003
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