K7S5A (3.1) & EVGA NVTV Compatibility Issue

Discussion in 'ECS' started by David J. Pittella, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Hello, Thanks in advance for any wisdom or suggestions - I am sorry for such
    a long post.

    I own (2) K7S5A (Rev 3.1) based systems that have performed very well for a
    couple of years now, yes of course both boards had to be re-capped about 6
    months ago - but I have to say they have both been VERY stable.

    I decided it was time to see how I liked Windows XP Media Center Edition
    2005, so here is what I did:

    I took my exisiting VERY STABLE "poor mans" Multimedia system running
    Windows XP Pro - and removed the TV Wonder VE card.

    Here is the system configuration.

    ECS K7S5A Revision 3.1 - Last Official BIOS (030811) Stable - (Re-capped),
    suing on board LAN.
    384MB of Generic PC2100 RAM
    MSI/NVIDIA MX4000 128MB Graphics card.
    Seagate 40Gig 7200 RPM HD ST340016A (Primary - Master)
    Artec DHM-G48RC 16x DVD ROM (Secondary - Master)
    1.44 Floppy drive
    Antec SL300S Power Supply.
    Creative Soundblaster Live 5.1 Sound Card.

    I installed Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, installed latest updates,
    latest MCE compatible video drivers, WInDVD 6 DVD Codec - Decoder. Ran the
    system for about 2 weeks, very stable.

    Purchase a brand new retail EVGA NVTV Single Tuner card.


    With the NVTV installed in ANY PCI slot, the SECONDARY IDE controller won't
    detect any devices if the system is first powered on.

    I disabled just about everything in setup, both serial ports, the parallel
    port, the midi controller, one board sound had been disabled. Pulled the
    Sound Blaster - tried every slot - still would not detect the devices on the
    secondary IDE controller.

    Tried changing RAM settings to safe, tried the bus speed at 100 Mhz, still
    no luck. I disabled the 2nd IDE channel - moved the NVTV card to the
    secondary on the primary controller. Disabled the

    Installed the drivers for the NVTV card, the system locked up within 5
    minutes - even when not running Media Center - it will lock up in IE or even
    just idle. Almost everything has its own IRQ, the video card is on 11 and
    the NVTV is 3 - moved the NVTV to other slots, still the PC locks up.

    I disabled the on board IDE and used a Promise PCI IDE controller - detects
    drives on both IDE channels as it should - system still locks up.

    IF I DISABLE THE NVTV CARD in Device manager - the system is stable.

    I removed the Promise card and put the drives back to hard drive as primary
    master, and DVD secondary master. I noticed that if I disabled the the NVTV
    card in device manager and rebooted - the motherboard would detect the DVD
    drive on the secondary IDE controller at POST!

    I updated more drivers, tried older drivers for the video card, tried almost
    every hacked K7S5A BIOS - the system still locks up!

    I don' recommend this for kids but if I boot the system and simply start
    explorer and the NVTV card is enabled - the system will lock is anywhere
    between 5 and 15 minutes - IF I PULL THE NVTV CARD OUT QUICKLY AND
    twice and realize its risky.

    This same issues happens with my another K7S5A (3.1) system also - does
    anyone have a K7S5A with this tuner - is this an issue between the NVTV and
    the SIS 735 chipset - I have seen issues with the NVTV and VIA chipsets?

    I have tried even more things than I can post here, I won't say I have
    "tried everything" because if I did - it would obiously be working.

    HELP - Dave
    David J. Pittella, Aug 4, 2005
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  2. David J. Pittella

    Buffalo Guest


    Sorry I can't help on your problem.
    I was just curious if you replaced the caps yourself or had it done.
    If you did it yourself, what is the proper way to do it?
    If you had it done, what was the cost?
    I replaced one cap on a mb and it was tough, but successful.(Perhaps I didn't
    have the right tools.)
    Any links on how to do it?
    PS: I hope you get your problem sorted out.
    Maybe you have 'duplicates' (devices or drivers) in your Device Manager that is
    causing problems.
    Buffalo, Aug 4, 2005
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  3. David J. Pittella

    mmiserus Guest


    Own one myself (second hand and since a week, but destined to be used
    by my son)
    I myself have no experience with MCE.
    The official minimum for MCE 2005 is 250W so...
    Definitely too risky.
    "Could be"
    You are a born optimist ;-)
    Very interesting problem. Of course I cannot help you from my own
    experience but foun some interesting texts:

    Here comes somebody with freeze problems with mce and your tuner card
    I've been playing around with Windows MCE 2005 for a couple months now
    trying to get everything perfect and in working condition to my
    likeness. I've experienced one particular frustrating problem that I
    will describe below.

    First off, here's my MCE Box specs:

    Pentium 4 1.7ghz (I know, should be higher but have not noticed any
    extremely noticeable performance hits)
    784mb of PC2100 DDR (this helps the slow processor a LOT)
    Sapphire NVIDIA FX5200
    EVGA NVTV Single Tuner
    Creative Soundblaster Audigy Gold
    Windows Media Center Remote 2005

    This is all hooked up to my 27" presentation monitor with a VGA input
    (blows S-Video OUT of the water, plus I already have a HDTV ready
    box!) and my RCA 5.1 Surround receiver through digital coax.

    My problem is this: Anywhere from 30mins-2hours or running time,
    whether idle or watching/recording TV, the screen will either lock or
    go black with the blinky cursor business, and I am forced to Alt-F4
    and Ctrl-Alt-Del out of the MCE application and restart. When the
    screen simply "locks" (ie i cannot move or select anything with mouse
    or MCE remote), I am able to just restart the MCE app. When it goes
    black, upon restarting the app I get the "Your video drivers are not
    valid DirectX 9 drivers" or some such error, and I am forced to do a
    full restart of the system.

    Now before anyone says "Your TV TUNER SUCKS" or "It's the tuner!", I
    will present you with the following evidence otherwise:

    I was recording the season finale of "24" and the *beep* thing locked
    on me. I had not watched a single frame of the show and was about to
    lose it in anger that the thing locked on the last 10-15 minutes of
    it. I decided to just wait until the show ended before i kicked the
    stupid thing.

    After the show ended, I rebooted my TV (that sounds SO ridiculous) and
    discovered that it had recorded the ENTIRE show. That immediately told
    me that the Tuner was working just fine, in fact the system was
    running flawlessly, I just lost video. The reoccuring "DirectX 9
    video" error also told me that it was the card that was failing, and
    nothing else.

    Now it's reached the point where I am unable to use the MCE for
    anything. After just five minutes the system goes black and I have to
    restart, just to do it all over again when the video board crashes.

    I've decided to trash the stupid FX5200 board as it was the WORST of
    Nvidia's video board series' and am patiently awaiting my ATI 9800SE
    128mb instead. I've always been an ATI fan anyway and I have a strong
    feeling that all my problems will disappear as soon as I get the new
    board installed.

    Has anyone else had problems with the FX5200 boards?

    And then there are these urls:

    list of supported hardware


    How to build a multimedia pc:

    mmiserus, Aug 4, 2005
  4. David J. Pittella

    Davep Guest

    A couple of things,

    Buffalo - I did recap the boards, I did spend a part of my life as a
    bench tech. The right way to do it would be to use a "real" desolding
    tool which would have enough heat and vacuum to handle the board. The
    first motherboard I recapped was an ABIT BF6 quite a while ago - and it
    actually didn't seem all that difficult using wick and a good solder
    sucker. The ECS K7S5A has a great deal of copper on those runs - and
    isn't fun without a good soldering iron that is able to recover from
    the heat loss.

    Take a look at this site - http://www.badcaps.net/, there are some tips
    about using a stainless steel dental pick. I can tell you many would
    probably say this is not the ideal way to do it. But without an real
    desoldering station - a good soldering iron, braid, solder sucker, and
    a dental pick - AND BEING REASONABLY CAREFUL - you can do it.
    The only negative is that a brand new Socket 462 board is pretty cheap
    today. But I am pretty cheap to :) good luck !

    Max - thanks for your feedback. I forgot to mention that the processor
    is an AMD 2400+ and I do have Microsoft remote also. The MX4000 card is
    not a great choice for performance.

    One thing that I have read while researching my problem may help you -
    have you tried the older NVIDIA drivers for XP - I think they are
    version 66.73. If I remember properly if you go to the NVIDIA site -
    you have one driver listed for XP MCE 2005 - and its something like
    version 72.XX, if you just select video drivers for XP - there is the
    66.XX version and a new 77.XX version. I have tried all of them. No
    help - I did notice that the 72.XX version did cause some odd cosmetic
    isses with video - I currently have the 77 version (lastest for Windows
    XP) - obviously my issue is different, my system essentially hard - no
    matter what you are doing - good luck!
    Davep, Aug 4, 2005
  5. David J. Pittella

    robm Guest

    i have successfully replaced the 6 caps near CPU on two v3.1 boards ( i am
    cheap too)
    i am an amateur solderer at best, i dug through the links that OP gave and
    i used the
    advice and tips to do following (for myself)

    0. mantra - biggest problem is too much heat or heating for too long
    1. bought a decent 25w soldering iron and some ***solder wick*** and
    solder resin
    2. practice removing / installing CAPS on some old trashed radio ,vcr and
    PSU circuit boards
    3. Tried two different approaches;

    3A. Method: Cut the CAPS and install new one to the exposed posts.
    Clip caps (on mobo) 1/2 down the can
    clean off CAP material exposes 2 metal posts
    trim leads on new CAPS
    solder *NEW* CAPS to the 2 metal posts

    ** This looked like crap but it worked and some electronics x-pert
    would probably fing fault with this method.... the exposed posts and all

    3B Method: Desolder and solder new ones in place (**Obvious**)
    heat one post while pushing the can sideways
    repeat for other side
    use wick to clean solder out of holes
    ***problems here ***
    some holes would not clear enough and the new cap leads would
    not go into holes
    so i had to find some way to clear holes.... a cheap plunger
    desolderer cleared some
    and using some old heavy duty resitor leads to push through
    hole while heating helped others

    any way it worked but i do not know how well solder flowed into
    holes as CAPS are pushed to mobo

    robm, Aug 5, 2005
  6. David J. Pittella

    Buffalo Guest

    Thanks for the feedback. Hope you get your problem solved.
    Buffalo, Aug 5, 2005
  7. David J. Pittella

    Buffalo Guest

    Thanks, I even had a little problem applying the solder so that it did not go
    across several traces.
    I guess I need a video.
    Buffalo, Aug 5, 2005
  8. David J. Pittella

    madmax Guest

    i just got an xfx nvtv card and also had problams with it. my problam
    was related to a conflic with my old aver tv tuner card and wouldnt go
    away with anything i tried, that is until i moved my files over to my
    second hdd and reinstalled windows xp. i did have a big problam with
    the bios after all this where the system wouldnt boot up anymore i had
    to restet my bios also, after that everything ran fine and is
    continuing to do so. the only problam i have now is i cant turn time
    shifting off in the nvidia forceware multimedia prog so i cant play my
    xobx or ps2 on my pc atm
    madmax, Sep 11, 2005
  9. David J. Pittella

    ahanix1989 Guest

    Hey, sorry for bumping this topic
    I have an ECS K7S5A Pro 5.0 mainboard, and the NVIDIA EVGA NVTV t
    tuner card, and I'm having the same problem. Watching TV, it'l
    suddenly lock up; idling, it'll take longer to lock up but stil

    I tried both MCE 2002 and 2005, both had the problem

    I'm going to try it in an old Gateway computer of mine, see if i

    Wish me luck :

    Sent via Archivaty.com
    ahanix1989, Nov 19, 2005
  10. David J. Pittella

    robm Guest

    what is your regular video card ? is it AGP ?

    i think there are problems with using 1st PCI slot if you have AGP slot used
    , there is a website (can't remember link) that has a great summary of the
    PCI AGP slots on K7S5A , shws why you can expect problems is you install
    card in PCI slot 1 and AGP slot .

    the solution is to use some other (not 1) PCI slot

    And there may be other problems with other slots depending on the IRQ setup
    you want etc....

    robm, Nov 20, 2005
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