K7s6a ver 3.1 and Nvidia 7600GT 512MB AGP

Discussion in 'ECS' started by Buffalo, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Buffalo

    Buffalo Guest

    I have the above combo on a Win2000ProSP4 system and the screen will go
    blank (sometimes a second or less) shortly: 1-5minutes after bootup. When
    that happens, I cannot play videos like youtube, etc (green screen where
    video should be but sound works). However, if I start up a Halo game, let it
    load to the selection page (the bottom three selections "settings" "credits"
    "quit" are somewhat perforated in appearance) and then select the "quit"
    choice, all is well for the rest of the day no matter what I play or surf.
    Somehow Halo puts the video card back in the proper 'groove'. Like a VPU
    recover thing.
    I am using a Planar LCD 27" monitor and use a 1440 x 900 32bit and 75Hz
    refresh rate on it.
    I tried using different display settings and also using a 60Hz refresh rate
    to no avail
    I have an athlon mobile 2400 cpu and 2GB of ram.
    I am using a HoneyX bios.

    I have tried reinstalling the mb drivers and the agp drivers and video

    If I didn't have the Halo game to 'refresh' the vid card, I would be out of
    My old ATI Radeon 8500LE card gave me no such problems.
    I did delete all traces of old ATI drivers and also old Nvidea drivers
    before reinstalling the Nvidea drives again.
    When I uninstall the old Nvidia drivers and reboot, the display is so torn
    and tattered (also tears when I move the mouse pointer) that it is VERY
    difficult to install the drivers again.

    Is this a mb problem, an os problem, a vid driver problem. I have two 7600GT
    AGP cards (only use one) and both act exactly the same so I doubt it is the
    vid card.

    Any ideas?
    Buffalo, Sep 21, 2012
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  2. Buffalo

    Buffalo Guest

    K7S5a and not K7s6a
    I guess this ng is pretty dead and I noticed that Paul is the only one who
    seems to respond.
    Thank you Paul for your previous help on my problem.
    Buffalo, Sep 21, 2012
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