K7T TURBO2 (6330-250) @ NEWEGG. What's UP?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by PeterRHoyt, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. PeterRHoyt

    PeterRHoyt Guest

    These boards are selling for $45 bucks at Newegg, and suddenly there seem to be
    a few complaints about the boards that newegg is selling.

    Anyone know what's up with this? Is this a bad batch of boards? The price is
    sure right.
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    PeterRHoyt, Jul 19, 2003
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  2. I got a K7T Turbo2 from NewEgg around May 25 and it came with the next
    to the latest bios (I flashed to 6). It took the XP 2000 just fine no
    problems and she (my neice) says its running just fine. A flawless
    install. She's using on board sound too.

    My friends have bought 2 of these from NewEgg in the last 18 months
    and they have been very stable (even if its an SDRAM board, but when
    you're coming from a K-6 its quite a jump for the casual user). They
    came brand new in a MSI box, so I don't suspect any quality problems.
    The board now has a 4 pin 12v plug which I believe adds backup power
    to the CPU if ever needed. I had an Antec PS with the 12v plug and
    used it along with the main plug, figured it couldn't hurt. I have
    also bought 3 other MSI Kt266/kt266a boards with no problems except
    the KT266 had an intermitent USB mouse response, but from what I
    researched, this was due to the via KT266 chipset and the problem was
    with all boards with this chipset. The KT266a, which I have now, is
    also very stable no problems whatsoever, except I'd like to put in a
    24000 xp and I'm a little skittish about taking the C37 off (which is
    nec. for my version of that board). All from NewEgg with no defects.
    I continue to cross my fingers. My next purcahse may be a Cool Master
    alum. case - the 201 sx1.

    For a cheap upgrade and the person not wanting to shell out for ddr,
    this is a very stable board, I highly recommend it. One cavet is MSI
    makes a board that's $20 more that will do both sdram or ddr (not at
    the same time of course) with on board video, but I'm not familiar
    with that board and its stability.

    FYI - I think the most popular board at this time is Asus Ultra v2
    Nvida board (the A7NX Deluxe?) might be trying that and a 2500 Barton
    with a $12 Speeze HSF. It seems easy to kick the FSB from 333 to 400
    (with this board and the right memory) and it ends up performing as if
    its a 3200 Barton. Anyone know when the Hammer 64-bit is to come out
    and would it be worth the wait?

    I feel pretty good with NewEgg, they should make good if there is
    something wrong and probably promptly too.

    see ya and good luck

    Bilbo_Baggins, Jul 20, 2003
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  3. PeterRHoyt

    PeterRHoyt Guest

    You make a good point Bilbo,
    If the board is toast, so what? Newegg is so good about returning things it
    hardly matters (if you have ANY patience at all). I have an MSI KT3-Ultra2 with
    an AMD 2100 OC'd to about 1.8GHZ, and i swear it's faster than the 2.4 GHz I
    just got at work from Dell. I'm pretty happy with the MSI brand so far. I'm a
    recovering Tyan-board user.
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    PeterRHoyt, Jul 21, 2003
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