K7T266 Pro2 Version 2

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Mr Kaase, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. Mr Kaase

    Mr Kaase Guest

    I apologize if this old hat to people but here goes -

    I am running a AthlonXP 1800+ processor on this MB. I also have
    installed - one 512MB 2100 memory chip. I wonder if anyone knows if:

    1. I can do something so as to run a Thoroughbred 133/266MHz FSB
    AthlonXP 2600+ chip.

    2. I can install another 512MB PC-3200 or PC-2700 SDRAM memory chip.
    Mr Kaase, Jan 30, 2004
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  2. Mr Kaase

    clodio24 Guest


    1. the mobo allows up to xp2100+ 0.18µ but there's a modification allow to
    get up to xp2600+ 0.13µ in theory but in real up to 2400µ. this link in
    french shows how to make(remove a condensator and flash with beta bios non
    official) : http://ptinaze.site.voila.fr/
    It's at your own risk.
    i prefer to overclock my processor xp1500+ up to 1700+

    2. I've got a 256Mo pc2100 memory chip and i've added 512Mo pc2700 noname
    and all works fine. tha cas latency in bios is aways at 2. No matter

    clodio24, Jan 30, 2004
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  3. Mr Kaase

    clodio24 Guest

    just one question
    in netmeeting, have you got the option enable directsound checked.


    clodio24, Jan 30, 2004
  4. This thread on MSI's HQ User Community Forum should answer your first question:


    The answer to your second question is, unlikely it will work. This particular board is very sensitive/unstable when using a mismatched pair of DIMM's, it may not POST, or if you even get it to boot it will crash at the most inopportune moment. The only way I got mine to work with two 512MB DIMM's was to get a matched pair.
    Homer J. Simpson, Jan 30, 2004
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