K7vza + Duron 800 Bios change from 3.2d and PSU recommendation

Discussion in 'ECS' started by esantoro, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. esantoro

    esantoro Guest

    I have two questions:

    1. Bios Change from 3.2d

    2. Power Supply recommendation

    I've just finished putting together a budget system from used parts
    with the intention of upgrading next summer to max out this board's
    capabilities, and I have two concerns right now, after having read
    poster's experiences.

    1.Everything runs fine now with the Duron 800. Is there any reason I
    should upgrade the BIOS from 3.2d to, say 3.4 (I noticed there was
    some Win XP fix)? Even though I don't plan to upgrade to an XP 2400
    or 2600 until next summer, should I go ahead and flash the BIOS to

    2. When i built the system I figured a P4 ATX case with 300w PSU
    would be sufficient. Perhaps it is so with the Duron 800 CPU, but I
    figure I'll have to upgrade the PSU to 400w or above when I upgrade to
    the XP 2400 of 2600. Might I even run into problems with a 300w PSU
    and a Duron 800?

    Complete System Specs:

    ECS K7VZA V.3
    30 GB Quantum hard drive
    Lite On Combo DVD CDRW
    Nvidia Geforce 2 32 MB w TV out
    320 PC 133 RAM
    Codegen ATX 300w PSU

    Thanks for the help.

    esantoro, Aug 31, 2003
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  2. esantoro

    Mr. Slow Guest

    It is unnecessary to upgrade the BIOS if the original version is working
    well. Having said that, 3.3, 3.4, 3.6a and 3.7 may offer performance
    improvements. You will need later versions if you upgrade to Athlon XP
    Palamino or Duron Morgon, if these processors are still available

    Your 300w PSU may or may not be adequate. Some PSUs of this rating are
    woefully inadequate on the individual rails, others are fine. I had lots of
    problems with a 350w PSU/Athlon 1600 combination but an upgrade to 550w Q
    TEC cured everything.
    Mr. Slow, Aug 31, 2003
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