K8N Diamond won't overclock A64 3000+ like K8N Neo2

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Uffe, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. Uffe

    Uffe Guest

    On a K8N Neo2 Platinum with 2x512 HyperX 3200 memory I could easily
    overclock my A64 3000+ Winchester to constantly run at 2430 MHz (9 x 270, HT
    I recently bought a K8N Diamond SLI, using all previous components except
    for the graphic card (now running a single Gainward 7800GT Golden Sample,
    ie. not SLI)), but I cannot come even close to my earlier O/C results. Even
    with modest O/C on the CPU (abt 2000 MHz) the system often hangs at at
    booting and/or soft restart, and will only restart after one or several
    attempts to hard reboot, if at all. Have worked with these values: HT: 3x,
    CPU Ratio: 9x, FSB: 200-270, memory settings slower than on Neo2, voltage
    settings same or higher than on Neo2.
    The PSU is an 480 W Antec Truepower, so power should be no issue.
    So I have tried in the K9N Diamond to adopt the same O/C settings I
    succesfully used in the Neo2, but the Diamond Bios 1.70 has several more
    memory tweaking options than the Neo2 Bios, and they are not explained in
    the Diamond manual. I don't know how to tweak all those new options, so I've
    left them at Auto.
    Luckily, it is much easier to clear the CMOS in the Diamond with that easy
    access button as compared to the Neo2 ;)

    Would appreciate your advice on successfully overclocking the K8N Diamond
    bearing in mind that I know how to O/C the Neo2. What's the difference?


    Uffe, Oct 15, 2005
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  2. Uffe

    kev Guest

    On 15 Oct 2005, the world was enlightened by Uffe's opinion about...
    I have the Neo4 Platinum non-SLI and the only way I could get a decent
    overclock with my 3000+ Winchester was to relax the memory timings to what
    my gskill PC4400 (2x512MB) is actually supposed to be at (according to
    Sandra) when running at 278MHz (3-6-6-11, 1T) and booting at stock then
    using ClockGen to overclock to 255 (HTx4). From what I understand, the on-
    chip memory controller of the Winchesters gets a little funky when running
    more than 2x256MB. Mine is rock solid and runs SuperPi (2M calc) with no


    kev, Oct 15, 2005
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